USB Disk Dock lets you plug in hard drives

Now you can hook up a dirt-cheap SATA disk drive to your PC or Mac by simply plugging it into this USB desktop adapter that works just like an iPod dock. Until now, if you wanted to add a bare hard drive to your computer, you either had to put it in some sort of enclosure, or open up the hood of your PC and install it next to the other drive in there. That’s not easy for the uninitiated.

This disk dock couldn’t be simpler, accommodating 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch disks that you simply plug into its top. It’s a cinch to connect it to your PC or Mac, too, because all you need to do is hook up a USB cable between this dock and your computer, just like you do with your digital camera. Then that naked hard drive acts just like any more-expensive external drive. All this convenience is relatively cheap, costing you just $46.79. — Charlie White


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