Webcam thought mice

Cybernet has released what looks like a free competitor (Navigaze) to Naturalpoint’s trackIR device. This uses a webcam to monitor you, instead of a silly silver dot on your forehead with an IR device that doesn’t like it when you smoke.

Nostalgia galore

In the Summer of 2001, Jason Scott, a computer historian (and proprietor of the history site) wondered if anyone had made a film about these BBSes. They hadn’t, so he decided he would. Four years, thousands of miles of travelling, and over 200 interviews later, “BBS: The Documentary”, a mini-series of 8 episodes about Read more about Nostalgia galore[…]

Lion kicks shit out of 42 Cambodian midgets

Spectators cheered as entire Cambodian Midget Fighting League squared off against African Lion Tickets had been sold-out three weeks before the much anticipated fight, which took place in the city of Kâmpóng Chhnãng. The fight was slated when an angry fan contested Yang Sihamoni, President of the CMFL, claiming that one lion could defeat his Read more about Lion kicks shit out of 42 Cambodian midgets[…]

Google Will Eat Itself

This website pretends to be about e-marketing, but in fact, is using the adsense google clicks it collects to buy shares in Google. So as people are using Google adverts, they are slowly buying up google in order to give it back to ‘the people’ (Whoever they are) 🙂

Solar system explorer

That would be Celestia. Actually, the website tells us that You can travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy. If you install it, make sure to stop by the Celestia Motherlode as well..