Faster cars crash less

I always knew my driving habits were safe! according to an analysis of more than 12 million passenger cars insured by Progressive, the third-largest auto insurer in the United States. It found cars with more than 200 horsepower actually generate 17 per cent fewer claims than those propelled by less than 200 horsepower. From here

007 seeking new Q

According to El Reg, there’s a job opening with a GBP 90 – 100 thou salary, managing a budget of GBP 27m and 475 staffers: as the new gadget king of the spies! Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the MI5 website Or on the MI6 (SIS) jobs site


Naturally, this is a German product. You might not want to click this at work, or spend too much time thinking about the possibility of your cow-orkers buying anything here. Brrr.

Warez, Inc.

Fine example of NuMedia at Drama series about the warez scene. No. Really. Seriously. I can’t imagine it appealing to Joe Blow, but I’m on episode 3 myself.