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A380 Double Bubble Flies

Here’s a bunch of pics of it’s first flight – Go Virgin take on Boeing! This is the Airbus site for it

Cyberspace visualisation

Cyberspace is all connected, as is, maybe, everything. A lovely esoteric field of exploration through the relationships, there are people who have made some lovely tools to visualise these relationships. I/O/D 4 Surf 3D

Exploring the earth and space

So there’s a whole wealth of available resources to see our planet and the solar system out there – either online or as a downloadable application. These programmes allow you to track hurricanes, cloud cover, global temperature, zoom in to varying degrees etc. The Earth and Moon viewer is webbased and has some interesting composites […]

Minority Report UI turns real

For military use – I wonder when I can get one? I need the new UI to uhhhh sort through the masses of euhmmm information I get on my computer!

So you want to be invisible to thermal cameras?

The Greeks have developed a cream / mud which allows you to be just that.

3d flatpanel pics

Yup 3d monitors is in! Thanks Toshiba 🙂

Wireless PSP house control hacks

This howto shows how you can control your entire house (music, lighting, TV, stereo, DVD player, etc) using a PSP. Unfortunately this thing is based around a really cool piece of machinery, the WACI, pricing starts at $579,- And whilst we’re doing this, we might as well replace our light switches with battery free wireless […]

Random CompSci paper generator

Apparently the authors of this thing succeeded in getting one of their random papers accepted for a conference..

Faster cars crash less

I always knew my driving habits were safe! according to an analysis of more than 12 million passenger cars insured by Progressive, the third-largest auto insurer in the United States. It found cars with more than 200 horsepower actually generate 17 per cent fewer claims than those propelled by less than 200 horsepower. From here

Pulse Jet Engine dragster

Wow this guy makes Pulse Jet engines in his garage, mounts them on what look like wheelchairs and zooms these things up and down!

007 seeking new Q

According to El Reg, there’s a job opening with a GBP 90 – 100 thou salary, managing a budget of GBP 27m and 475 staffers: as the new gadget king of the spies! Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the MI5 website Or on the MI6 (SIS) jobs site

US sent banned corn to Europe for four years

.. and how long has the current (aggressively pro-GM) US President been in office again? Since 01/2001 .. you do the math .. All imports of United States corn have been stopped at British ports following the discovery that the US has been illegally exporting a banned GM maize to Europe for the past four […]


Naturally, this is a German product. You might not want to click this at work, or spend too much time thinking about the possibility of your cow-orkers buying anything here. Brrr.

Search engines

Someone put together an interesting list of search engines and their ranges.

E-paper watch

After the huge posters at Macy’s the second real application of e-paper: By Seiko and Epson in their watch: and it looks stylish too!

Satellite internet? No, cheaper!

Atmospheric Internet and Cell phones using huge geostationary zeppelins which will last around 18 months on station before needing recharging – flying whales that supply you with what you need – and at a fraction of the cost

Bionic Exoskeleton Suit

Make you fasta, stronga mo bionic!

Everything you ever wanted to know about LCD monitors

A big explanation and review of budget LCDs

Why smart guys don’t get the girl

He actually makes some valid points in here 🙂

Warez, Inc.

Fine example of NuMedia at Drama series about the warez scene. No. Really. Seriously. I can’t imagine it appealing to Joe Blow, but I’m on episode 3 myself.

Awful English (but nice scenery)

NSFW The Japanese do it best(tm) Nipponese pr0n mags that for some reason got somewhat translated to English and picked up, ah, a little extra along the way.

Gundam / Mechwarrior vehicle

Yes, the Land Warrior is here – looks like a battlemech, and it walks around – very impressive. Except top speed (1.5 kmph). But it looks very very cool.

USB to USB copier

well, this is a thing I discussed over skiiing – and here it is: a device that copies files on USB enabled devices to other USB enabled devices without a computer. I would have used a midnight / norton commander style interface myself, but this looks like it’ll get the job done… And not expensive […]

Say No to online hunting

Lawmaker Aims To Outlaw Hunting, Killing Animals Online Shoot To Kill Real Animals Using Your Computer Mouse For $300 POSTED: 8:25 pm CST March 24, 2005 UPDATED: 10:32 am CST March 25, 2005 A lot of people fire fake guns playing video games. But now there’s a way to use your computer to fire an […]

Tiny Linux

Embedded linux on the size of an RJ-45 connector!

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