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AMD can’t float either

What is it with floating point operations that makes chip vendors so crap at them? Intel had the floating point operation problem when it released the Pentium processor (1+1=1.999999999 but that’s good enough). Now AMD has the Opteron and it turns out that they accidentally released a few into the wild with floating point problems […]

NEC pirated pwned

Not just NEC products are being rebuilt, but the WHOLE of NEC has been cloned in China! Factories, workshops and all!

Freeware Utility list

Huge list spanning spyware, audio, business, and a whole load more types of software – all freeware

Aphrodesiacs that work

Instead of just moving blood around, PT-141 – a nasal inhalor – works on the brain causing arousal, for both men and women. So you don’t just walk around with a huge erection, you also actually feel like having sex too!

Warning! This site contains images!

omfg! pictures on the intarweb! (Open at work, don’t open at work, I don’t care – but check out one or two of the nastier images).

Fast Volume

This little program turns the windows hotkey into a slider for your volume control. You press the hotkey and use the mouse scrollwheel to change the volume. Small and neat.

NASA finds something to do with antimatter

Well, we’ve been creating antimatter for quite some time now, but it’s slow to make, dangerous stuff and we have no real idea what to do with it! But now NASA has come up with a great idea – lets power spacecraft with it. Sounds cool if they can get it to work…

How people look at websites

In a sample size of 232 users, people had their eye movements tracked and mapped over three different websites. This showed that people viewed websites in an F-shaped pattern. Interesting pictures.

EU Domain registry screwed us

Having tried to register a few .eu domainnames from the 10th of April, I was quite frankly surprised to see how many had allready gone. No, I’m not talking about, but more normal ones, ones which should have been free. OK, so I quicly realised the reign of the cybersquatters had begun on that […]

Turn your car into a KITT or KARR replica

Yup, we all wanted one when we were young – and so I guess plenty of people went out and made them: there’s a wealth of stuff available to turn your car into a replicat Knight Industries 2000 clone. Or just buy the bits you think are cool, like the Turbo Boost button!

NASA gets bored

And because their LRO rocket had quite a bit of extra space on it, they decided to crash it into the moon, causing an explosion that should create a 17 foot crater and a 30 mile high plume. Yay science!

Apple releases Windows on Macs

So maybe these maggotboxen will be good for something: comparing them with PCs running the same OS… Has Apple finally seen the light? Their new bootloader, Boot Camp, allows users to run MS Windows or OSX in a multiboot configuration.

Iran continues April’s Fools

Apparently they don’t understand it’s only for 1 day, not the whole month! Now that missle is not only undetectable, it also has guidance systems that can’t be scrambled. They discovered that on the test of the second one. The same article then goes on to the next claim: On Tuesday, state-run television also said […]

100 Best April Fools Jokes

Over the ages, going back a long way – very inventive some of them

Iran goes April Fools tastic – USA Bites

On the day before April Fools’ Day, Iran published testresults of a multiple warhead, stealth missle that can’t be seen on radar. Which is why no one saw it of course. But it went off without a hitch! On the day after, they tested their new ship and submarine destroying stealth underwater missle which goes […]

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