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Random net humor

This guys list is worth googling and watching – especially number 2 and 1

Viewing the internet

There are a few ways to visualise internet and the traffic on it. One way is to map it. The BBC has a good article on this. The following programmes take a starting point and use linking for distance. The amount of links to and from a place is used for size. I/O/D 4 (the […]

Smokers are cheaper for society

The Erasmus University has studied the costs of leading an unhealthy life, and discovered (duh) that allthough smokers cost more to care for, they lead lives which are on average 10 years shorter than non-smokers, so they cost society less.

New drug wakens vegetative patients

Only for a few minutes, but they can talk and move about a bit. No telling what the long term effects are, but they have to be better than staying asleep hooked to life support. The drug activates dormant parts of the brain around the damaged tissue, causing a sleepy waking period.

Pimp your heart

with the HBBB – Heart Beat Bass Booster – plugs on to you and boosts your heartbeat to your car stereo.

Lightsaber fighting techniques

The guy who filled this wiki has WAY too much time, needs to get out more.

419 Scammers hit pay dirt

Apparently those Nigerians really are making millions out there scamming idiots using email

Dali meets Escher

Weird surreal transformational pictures, nicely done.

World Mapper

An interesting way of viewing the globe using maps where countries get larger as they have more of a property and smaller as they have less. This site has quite a few properties they’ve mapped the world to.

Practical tales of RFID hacking

We knew RFID chips were insecure – if you didn’t you’ve been living under a rock. Anyway, this Indymedia story chronicles a few concrete examples of RFID hacking in reality.

Coal based jet fuel

The USAF is playing around with alternative fuels to fly their planes with, as the amount they use anually accounts for half of the total US governmental useage of fuel. By mixing coal with normal fuel they have something that will decrease their reliance on normal petrol.

The end of banana’s?

This New Scientist report is very sad if it’s true – apparently the banana’s we eat can’t reproduce themselves, and the trees that make them are being attacked by a lethal funghus. So pretty soon, no more banana’s from India!

Russian Helo crashes in the sea

Sensational / Impressive video of a Russian helicopter crashing whilst on excercises with the Chinese. Hope the crew and passengers are OK.

Google Trends show how holier than thou Muslims really are

Looking for SEX shows that the countries that search for it most on Google are Muslim 🙂

ICANN should be called ICAN’T

Showing what a joke the supposed independance of ICANN is, they’ve just cancelled the .xxx TLD, probably under heavy influence from the third reich of the USA Christian lobby. Freedom of speech? Not if the USA has any say in it.

MS Patch destroys Flash interaction

A bit late, but apparently due to some patent issues, MS launched an update on April 11 which breaks Flash object interactivity in IE: you have to click the object before it will do your lovely mouseover type stuff. Well done Eolas, you’ve broken a large segment of Internet. This is yet another example of […]

Grapefruit juice is good for drug absorbtion

The reason is an intestinal enzyme called CYP3A, which partially destroys drugs as they are absorbed. Grapefruit juice, like no other fruit juice, interferes with CYP3A, so the body ends up absorbing more of the drug. So if you want to get really REALLY fucked, drink this!


This guy hooked a few hundred random number generators up all over the world and they feed to a single output. When major world events occur statistical anomalies occur with the random number generation. Caused by world consciousness or something.

The CannaCave

Fred Strunk has pled guilty to manufacturing pot in a natural cave below his house. There are around 850 plants in there, protected by doors, video camera’s and escape hatches. He had a slew of false identities and he spliced the power for the cave. He was ratted out by workers of his, had to […]

Air purifiers don’t

Turns out that air ionisers purify by putting out smog. So much so that they would cause a stage 2 alert in a major city.

Professional Pilots Rumor Network

Somewhat like the Army Rumor Network (link somewhere in here) but for pilots. In the military Aircrew forum there’s quite a few RAF types.

Streetfire Videos

This site has loads of videos involving cars, engines, motorcycles, women – mainly geared at the street racer type. Big collection.

Sea Harrier Videos

Some Royal Marine has a page of video’s flying the SHAR from carriers.

Hit Air Jackets

This jacket is like an airbag for the motorcycle. Once the cable connecting the jacket to the motorbike is disconnected, the jacket inflates pockets in the jacket with gas, protecting the spine and other areas. The gas is released after a few seconds (hopefully after the impact) allowing you to move freely again. You can […]

Internet Generators

All kinds of generators for graphical stuff; logo’s, pictures, texts, whatever

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