Smokers are cheaper for society

The Erasmus University has studied the costs of leading an unhealthy life, and discovered (duh) that allthough smokers cost more to care for, they lead lives which are on average 10 years shorter than non-smokers, so they cost society less.

New drug wakens vegetative patients

Only for a few minutes, but they can talk and move about a bit. No telling what the long term effects are, but they have to be better than staying asleep hooked to life support. The drug activates dormant parts of the brain around the damaged tissue, causing a sleepy waking period.

World Mapper

An interesting way of viewing the globe using maps where countries get larger as they have more of a property and smaller as they have less. This site has quite a few properties they’ve mapped the world to.

Coal based jet fuel

The USAF is playing around with alternative fuels to fly their planes with, as the amount they use anually accounts for half of the total US governmental useage of fuel. By mixing coal with normal fuel they have something that will decrease their reliance on normal petrol.

The end of banana’s?

This New Scientist report is very sad if it’s true – apparently the banana’s we eat can’t reproduce themselves, and the trees that make them are being attacked by a lethal funghus. So pretty soon, no more banana’s from India!

Hit Air Jackets

This jacket is like an airbag for the motorcycle. Once the cable connecting the jacket to the motorbike is disconnected, the jacket inflates pockets in the jacket with gas, protecting the spine and other areas. The gas is released after a few seconds (hopefully after the impact) allowing you to move freely again. You can Read more about Hit Air Jackets[…]