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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State University engineers have invented a radar system that is virtually undetectable, because its signal resembles random noise. The radar could have applications in law enforcement, the military, and disaster rescue.

Remote Control Golfball

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your putting average would be perfect, nobody loves his short game, so maybe a remote control golfball could help?

Smell Recorder

Japanese engineers have developed a machine that can capture and replay scents from foods or fragrances using an inventory of non toxic chemicals.

Regrow bones and teeth

Canadian scientists have developed a low-intensity ultrasound based device that can regrow bones and teeth.

Test websites in 30 browsers

You submit your site and it puts the request into a queue. You can return to the site later to view the screenshots it makes of your URL using 30 different browsers.

Boten Anna

Another new meme from Norway or Sweden (cant tell which): Boten Anna This is the original (with Dutch subtitles) These are some remixes.


Geoengineering involves changing our environment to suit human needs better. This article looks at ways geoengineers have thought about reducing global warming by not reducing greenhouse gasses, but by proactively doing something about it. Some pretty far out ideas, such as floating white plastic islands in oceans, space mirrors and lacing the atmosphere with sulphur […]

Wireless FM transmitters

This is a device you attach to your mp3 player, either through a port or via the headphone output, which then allows you to select a frequency and transmits the music on FM on that frequency. This allows you to tune your radio to your mp3 player. In the Netherlands they are finally legal (since […]

Computers reading emotions

Our faces express our emotions – apparently there are around 20 key facial movements expressed around 24 facial feature points, which betray our emotions. By scanning these points intelligently, and detecting things such as facial form, computers can read the emotions of those using them. Ideas posited in the article: websites advertising products directed at […]

Attractive cockroach robot

A tiny robot which smells like a cockroach can make them gather together allowing us to annhilate loads of them in one fell swoop. Now can we get human pheremones working please?

Measuring gravitational waves

2 gravity wave detectors have been switched on, trying to prove and discover waves posited by Einstein as part of his theory of general relativity. The Americans have a huge isolated lab called LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) run by a few people from the LSU and California Institute of Technology in the middle of […]

Boys from Bahrain

A 1990 Gulf War I home video made by RAF fighter boys flying Tornadoes. Tres inspirational. Apparently the full version is around 15 minutes long. On pprune a guy is offering that version for sale on E-Bay with the proceeds going towards the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Software desktop as desk top

An interesting way to organise your PC desktop more like a table top with paper documents floating around on it. Practical? dunno. Looks very cool though. NB. check out the ring on the guys hand in the first few frames 🙂

Hundreds of WMDs found in Iraq

So they’re old and seem to have been manufactured in 1991, so no ongoing WMD programme can be proved by this, but it does prove that Saddam was lying about having WMDs. The finds started in 2003, but oddly enough the Bush administration has been sitting on this, probably in the hopes of proving an […]

Random links

Crazy Japanese TV shows – part two is especially funny. I want a Japanese TV station! Jesus will survive

500 person Japanese synchronized orgy

Japan is probably the only country in the world where you could pull something like this off. Go Japan!

Beijing to shoot down rain

Using an arsenal of rockets, artillery and aircraft, China will try to blast the clouds out of the sky, a meteorologist told a Beijing magazine, through a technique which falls under the umbrella of “cloud seeding.” “We can turn a cloudy day into a dry and sunny one by shooting the clouds less intensively than […]

Giant crossbow to shoot man 20 miles into the air

Brian Walker, mad scientist and all around crazy person, plans to shoot himself 20 miles into the air in a homemade rocket launched from the world’s biggest crossbow. The rocket, which has a jet turbine with 1,350 pounds of thrust, will shoot off the track of the giant crossbow shown above, which is equipped with […]

SSTAR – small, sealed, transportable, autonomous reactor The aim is to create a sealed reactor that can be delivered to a site, left to generate power for up to 30 years, and retrieved when its fuel is spent. The developers claim that no one would be able to remove the fissile material from the reactor because its core would be inside […]

F88 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone

CEC Corp in China specially made this wrist watch phone to one of the China’s most famous ping pong player, the GSM F88 Watch. It is available to the market at the price of 8,888Yuan which is about USD1,111. F88 is a watch with built-in mobile phone capabilities which have 26K colors CSTN display. It […]

Futurama will be back

Comedy Central has resurrected the former Fox animated SF series Futurama, ordering 13 episodes to debut in 2008, Variety reported. The deal builds on the cable network’s acquisition of the 72-episode library last fall. Discussions about a revival of the half-hour show began in earnest earlier this year between Futurama producer 20th Century Fox Television […]

MMORPG with deer

In The Endless Forest, a free MMORPG, you play a deer. You can sniff and snort, but not chat to others. You don’t have a name, but a pictogram. You can watch the deities (the programmers) do events in a glade. You can wander about and do deer stuff. There is no competition, no pain […]

US Navy accepting pilots with surgically corrected eyes

Not only that, they’re encouraging the practice. They perform PRK instead of Lasik, because they worry that the flap cut during lasik could come loose during high G combat.

Unattended Windows XP Installation

Creating an XP CD with predefined answers to all those questions and drivers for printers, as well as applications fully automated without user intervention is not a quick chore, but will save time in the future. At least it is fairly trivial. This guide tells all. (NB. navigation on the left side, not in any […]

Interactive Urban Growth Map

The BBC has a map showing the population of urban centres globally over time. What it very specifically shows is that the Middle East and Asia are growing at an astonishing pace.

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