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Berlin Opera gets stoned

Smoke a joint in one of the Berlin Opera houses. It’s a drug opera, so the directors want you to smoke up during the opera in order to fully experience the psychadelic nature of the piece. Cool idea, but no idea what the German police are going to think of this on opening night…

126 AJAX tutorials


Verichip implanted RIFD hacked

Verichip implants a tiny RFID chip in you which contains a unique ID which will identify you at hospitals, allowing doctors to find you in the database and find your file for you. At HOPE they demonstrated that the Verichip has no encryption and no question / response mechanism, meaning that using an RFID reader […]

Cube World

At GBP 19,95 this is an incredible gadget – each cube contains a person who does random things somewhat like Tamagochi. It has buttons on it to interact with the person. There are several personalities you can buy and when you place cubes next to each other the people in them will interact with each […]

Portable Bone Healing Machines

These have been given approval by the US FDA. Apparently they give a 38% faster healing period using them for 20 minutes each day. It’s non invasive and uses ultrasonics to stimulate bone into healing.

Honda to make business jets

Honda is fed up with other jet manufacturers and hopes to make a splash in the business jet market. Production to begin somewhere in 2009 / 2010

Biomedical Image Awards 2006

This gallery contains amazing pictures of biology including explanations of what it is you’re seeing. This is a split open skin cancer cell

Motorcycle Tank

Built to drive around on anything. Not in production.

Wear Sunscreen

But slap it on, do not spread it into your skin. The best defence is getting no sun.

1005 bhp supercar

Barabus has gone 4 bhp up on Bugatti’s Veyron with a car that will be unveiled in London tomorrow.

Baby Name Voyager

This Java applet shows how many people (y-axis) were born in a given year (x-axis) with a given (part of a) name (area under the curve) on a graph comparatively to other names starting with the same letter.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has an electric car which looks cool and has the performance to match. It does 0-60 mph in something like 4 seconds and has a range of 250 miles. As it’s electric and has no transmission, accelleration is smooth throughout the speed range. They’re trying to qualify it for road use in the […]

Gen H-4 One man helicopter

This helicopter has four engines for backup, flies at 55 mph, has a fuel load capable of carrying a 70kg person for around 1 hour, is classed as an ultralight / microlight and costs only $30,000,-. It also claims to be the smallest co-axial helicopter that actually flies and takes 2 hours to learn how […]

Top 10 dumbest ways to get rich online

It’s truly incredible how people have literally made millions of dollars using the intranets.

Oak Grove Gravity Hill

In Oak Groave there’s a hill that has reverse gravity. Balls roll up the hill, cars get pulled up the hill, apparently it’s quite something to see. Local residents admit it might be a visual illusion or that it might have something to do with a high concentration of ores in the soil and no […]

PHP speed tests

These pages have a few benchmark tests for PHP4 perfomance to do the same thing using different methods.: READ LOOP: foreach() vs. while(list()=each()) MODIFY LOOP: foreach() vs. while(list()=each()) For-loop test Using the &-ref-operator as so called “alias” $obj = new SomeClass() vs. $obj =& new SomeClass() using the =&-ref-operator double (“) vs. single (‘) quotes […]


Some humorous and elegant solutions to maths problems.

Darth Vader Sessions

The Story of Star Wars presented by Darth Vader, the voice of James Earl Jones and a different take on it.

Dutch courts respect computer privacy

To my surprise, Dutch higher courts dispute the right of music companies (in NL BREIN is the equivalent of RIAA) to obtain IP addresses from your ISP, hack your computer, scan your harddrive and then link it to an individual. BREIN comes out stinky in the court’s verdict as breaching privacy laws. Hurray for freedom!

X’Tal Vision

This offshoot of the University of Tokyo, Chrystal Vision, uses projectors and camera’s to good use in order to create some startling illusions. One is invisible / see through clothing, which uses a camera / projector setup to make it look as though the cape is transparent (I’ve seen many blogs referring to this as […]

Another new browser in the wars.

But this one is specifically for visiting porn sites with. It’s called Heatseak and implements a shell on IE, closing it down for much of the nasty behaviour certain porn sites exhibit (spyware, popups etc). The installer allows you to choose a variety of names / icons for it, so it’s not too obvious on […]

Nudism growing

Apparently the nude vacationing industry has tripled in size from 1992 (when it was at $400m) catering mainly to the over 35s and luxury segment.

Gallileo Cracked

Now everybody can use the GPS signal information – for free 🙂

Anti anti smoking

In an earlier post, I vented my frustrations about smoking studies – few of them are available and the ones that are are flawed: there are very few indeed with a sample size larger than 15 (which is surprising considering the millions of smokers out there) and the one (and only one!) I’ve been pointed […]

Airlines for smokers – Smintair

Finally someone has decided to fly those fuckers who banned us from smoking in the face: Smintair (Smoking International Airways) is planning to open a route between Dusseldorf and Tokyo, for smokers only! Apparently they will have an above average air cleansing system and extra comforts. They hope to make the first flight on March […]

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