Berlin Opera gets stoned

Smoke a joint in one of the Berlin Opera houses. It’s a drug opera, so the directors want you to smoke up during the opera in order to fully experience the psychadelic nature of the piece. Cool idea, but no idea what the German police are going to think of this on opening night…

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Cube World

At GBP 19,95 this is an incredible gadget – each cube contains a person who does random things somewhat like Tamagochi. It has buttons on it to interact with the person. There are several personalities you can buy and when you place cubes next to each other the people in them will interact with each Read more about Cube World[…]

PHP speed tests

These pages have a few benchmark tests for PHP4 perfomance to do the same thing using different methods.: READ LOOP: foreach() vs. while(list()=each()) MODIFY LOOP: foreach() vs. while(list()=each()) For-loop test Using the &-ref-operator as so called “alias” $obj = new SomeClass() vs. $obj =& new SomeClass() using the =&-ref-operator double (“) vs. single (‘) quotes Read more about PHP speed tests[…]

Dutch courts respect computer privacy

To my surprise, Dutch higher courts dispute the right of music companies (in NL BREIN is the equivalent of RIAA) to obtain IP addresses from your ISP, hack your computer, scan your harddrive and then link it to an individual. BREIN comes out stinky in the court’s verdict as breaching privacy laws. Hurray for freedom!

X’Tal Vision

This offshoot of the University of Tokyo, Chrystal Vision, uses projectors and camera’s to good use in order to create some startling illusions. One is invisible / see through clothing, which uses a camera / projector setup to make it look as though the cape is transparent (I’ve seen many blogs referring to this as Read more about X’Tal Vision[…]

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Airlines for smokers – Smintair

Finally someone has decided to fly those fuckers who banned us from smoking in the face: Smintair (Smoking International Airways) is planning to open a route between Dusseldorf and Tokyo, for smokers only! Apparently they will have an above average air cleansing system and extra comforts. They hope to make the first flight on March Read more about Airlines for smokers – Smintair[…]