LCD vs Plasma

Is Plasma the new Betamax? With LCD becoming bigger and cheaper, and not having the problems it used to (ghosting) or the problems of Plasma (burn-in, black degradation and lifecycle) it’s starting to look that way.


This little gadget affixes to your windsheild and gives you data through GPS information about your drifting performance, accelleration, etc. At $750,- it’s the cheapest alternative – it’ll give value for money, but the display is a little small.

The liquid plot

Here’s a chemist’s take on the plausibility of the London liquid bomb plot, followed by commentary on what he calls Potemkin security. He references Schneier, and goes on about the practicality of security against these kind of plots (as almost everything can be impregnated with nitrates, such as clothing) and the practicality of guarding against Read more about The liquid plot[…]

Galactic Civilisation II

Galciv2 is an extremely moddable turn based galactic conquest game. It looks attractive, has a huge user base, has no copy protection, is affordable and frequently releases updates. It now has an expansion pack in the works, you can preorder. Not bad!