In Dash PC

This is a tiny connector kit that connects your PC to your car stereo. It comes with software which allows you to select and play music using the stereo’s buttons. Cheap too.

Daily WTF

The Daily WTF is a site that has a daily example of programming gone completely awry. Some are hilarious, others are just sad, and some are too deep for me to figure out – if you’re a programmer, this site will most certainly have you in tears.

The ultimate wakeup

It costs a bit, but the reviews are all positive – the Axbo sleep phase alarm clock reads your body movements and wakes you up at the optimal time within 30 minutes of when you set the alarm to go off.

More sex in games!

Damn, I remember that space invader clone where you had to shoot tits and condoms using your sperm quivering penis. Apparently sex in games looks better now, and game developers want more of it. Me too!

USB hacking

A seriously elegant way to hack someone’s network: drop USB sticks containing a trojan on the target’s parking lot and wait for the mail to come in.

Jetpack parachutes

After being dropped from the aircraft, using this system paratroopers can zoom about the skies for 200KM. Apparently ze Germans have been using this since 2003 – is this what the air raid warnings are about?