Monitor Hacking

It’s been known for a while that CRT monitors leak radiation which makes them easily duplicable on an external monitor, leading to insane amounts of shielding. Now it’s the LCD’s turn. Using a radio antenna and reciever, Markus Kuhn can duplicate your LCD on an external monitor, in some cases though up to three walls Read more about Monitor Hacking[…]

Xuuk Eyebox

Tracking how many people look at your products is an expensive thing to do. Sony has a system that tracks people in stores and detects where they are looking and for how long, but expect astronomic prices. Xuuk is offering the Eyebox, a pinhole camera that connects to your PC through USB2. Install some software Read more about Xuuk Eyebox[…]

Intimate game controllers

This is a game controller made from a bra and a pair of shorts. Both have 6 sensors. The woman stands in front of the man, and by touching each other they can play the game. This was designed in response to women feeling alienated by their boyfriends playing games and their exclusion from them.


This has been growing larger and larger on the internets. I think they’re damn funny. Basically they’re pictures of cats with texts added. Or they’re with sealions, who are looking for their bucket. You can’t explain – follow the links and see. This article has a few interesting links and some commentary on the meme. Read more about Lolcats[…]

Acoustic Remote Cavitation

Yes! A new way to destroy stuff! You send two sound waves and where they intersect the shock waves create a destructive cavitation field. Here’s some more stuff on supercavitation, which says it works on the surface and in the air as well (from a comment in the original article)

US Spying on own citizens at record levels

In all, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court signed off on 2,176 warrants targeting people in the United States believed to be linked to international terror organizations or spies. The record number is more than twice as many as were issued in 2000, the last full year before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Welcome Read more about US Spying on own citizens at record levels[…]