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An Israeli team has created a tiny little robot that can travel up and down your veins and arteries, being manipulated by magnetic fields. It has a diameter of 1mm and crawls along your bloodstream using little arms.

Flickr in 3D is a flickr copy, except it hosts 3d models. They’re backed by Daussault Systems of France and hope to be as big as flickr / utube. They use the 3dxml as a standard, which has some slightly better editors for it than Google’s Earth 3D unit editor. Good luck to ’em.

Transparent transistors

Using nanowires assembled on glass and thin films of flexible plastic built using zinc oxide or indium oxide the transistors are not visible to the human eye. The researchers hope to create HUDs and displays on windsheilds, visors, spectacles, etc. Make my car look like the inside of an F-16 please!

Optimism for cloning extinct species

DNA splicing has now come such a long way from 5 years ago, that the experts are starting to become optimistic of being able to reacreate whole DNA sequences and cloning them into living animals fairly soon in the future. These guys want woolly mammoths back. Give me a sabre tooth tiger!

Another smoking consulate

Now in the UK, Southampton, the Wellington Arms has allready become a consulate for the Island of Redonda. It’s now trying to become an embassy, in order to escape VAT and most importantly, the bans on smoking that will be in effect from 1/7 in England. Smokers will continue the fight!

Translating blood movements into physical actions

Hitachi scientists have a machine that tracks the blood moving around in the brain using optical topography, and by thinking of calculations you can force blood to go through a specific area of the brain, allowing the machinery to perform an action. Currently it seems to be a binary system, but they’re hopeful that it Read more about Translating blood movements into physical actions[…]

Boys aren’t girls

And so this guy, who has written a book “The Dangerous Book for Boys” is written for them, harkening from a time when it wasn’t so bad to get hurt a bit. Instead of treating boys as “girls who wash slightly less” he says treat them as boys!

New programming language

LOLCODE. Clean syntax, consistent capitalization and Internet ready. It’s the language for the new web, baby. HAI CAN HAS STDIO? I HAS A VAR IM IN YR LOOP UP VAR!!1 VISIBLE VAR IZ VAR BIGGER THAN 10? KTHXBYE IM OUTTA YR LOOP KTHXBYE

EADS gets into the space tourism game

EADS showcased a model of it’s airplane looking space rocket, which they hope will fly in 2012 and take passengers up at EUR 150,000 – 200,000. They see a big market in this and want some of it. Very coincidental how the pricing is similar to the Burt Rutan Spaceship One / Virgin Galactic prices.

Quercus: PHP in Java

Quercus is Caucho Technology’s fast, open-source, 100% Java implementation of the PHP language. Quercus is a feature of Caucho Technology’s Resin Application Server and is built into Resin – there is no additional download/install. Developers using Resin can launch PHP projects without having to install the standard PHP interpreter ( as Quercus takes on the Read more about Quercus: PHP in Java[…]