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Saitek LCD HDDs

Saitek is launching some small LCDs which plug into flight simulators (please write a lot of drivers for these things!) and can be used to replace the instrumentation. These Head Down Displays turn your PC into a glass cockpit at around $99.99 per piece.

Sonex electric aircraft

The Sonex is powered by 80 lithium polymer batteries and has a flight time of 45 minutes. Sonex / AeroConversions expect to be able to extend that to an hour. It seats two and will be “vastly less expensive than other things out there.”

dot everything

Pissed off with ICANN? Want your own tld and don’t think that you should have to be super available for it to happen? There is a different type of top level domain out there, called the gTLD. There are a few people offering them, but not all of them are very big. Of the 2 […]

Why the RIAA is wrong and music is turning more and more to file sharing

Techdirt has two articles running pertaining to how music could use the new digital paradigm to improve there sales and services. The article on Prince and how he exploits the new media show an interesting business model: He also seems to realize a key point in understanding the difference between music that hasn’t yet been […]

Discover your learning style

There are several different types of learning styles. People usually learn best when they learn using all of the senses, but learning is much improved by utilising the style you are best at. Find out here what style suits you best.

UK gives US access to incredibly personal information

The US not only wants to extend the amount of time it keeps EU citizen data travelling to the US from 3 to 15 years, it not also only wants to keep information on race, sex lives, credit card numbers and purchases, religion and other incredibly personal biographical data, it also wants to reserve the […]

New Bionic Hand

This is the latest in bionic hand technology: it’s controlled using the mind and existing musculature, you can manipulate the fingers independently and you have precision control over the power the fingers exert, meaning you don’t inadvertently crush things you’re trying to hold.

The Elegant Universe

This three hour miniseries is available on Internet in seperate chapters from Nova. A lovely scientific series covering many elements of physics.

20 uses for vodka and beer

Just in case you don’t feel like drinking it, there are alternatives

Codec Installer

You don’t know what DivX and XviD are? Or you simply don’t care? They are called codecs and this neat little program will download and install them for you next time Windows Media Player tells you it doesn’t have the correct codec.

Putin on the warpath

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has just stepped out of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE), limiting the maximal amount of conventional weaponry that is allowed by both sides. This is his reaction to the US Anti-Ballistic Missile system (ABM) sheild as well as his petulance at NATO not ratifying some changes to the CFE. In […]


This programme allows you to log in to your windows PC using your face – you set up a template and then after lock up you show your muggins to the camera and it will let you in. No, it probably isn’t the most secure thing to do at all, but it’s neat!

20 miles bluetooth

Yes, you have decided you really, really want to bluespam or bluesnarf everyone within a massive range – then this little box is the one for you. The Aircable Host XR gives 30 kilometers of unsuspecting targets to your PC.

Stoke-on-Trent still allows smoking in UK

In an apparent mistake, Stoke-on-Trent has managed to evade the blanket smoke ban in public places in the UK, by not approving the enforcement powers on time in the city council. Everyone there is overjoyed. Was it really a mistake though? 🙂

10 eccentric day trips in the UK

There are some seriously bizarre things to do in the UK for a day out. The Guardian has a nice list.

Use your own fat to grow bigger breasts

Using fat-derived stem cells allows patients to have fat taken from the belly, the stem cells extracted and put into a cartridge and injected into the breasts. The procedure takes around an hour and costs the same as similar surgeries. After doing this, the breasts grow over a period of months. Since they are ‘real’ […]

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

Interesting article with some truths about people and their behaviour that we’d really rather not face…

Strange things to do with your house

Build a tunnel in it… (more pics in the link)

iPhone hacked

No lists of iPhone hacks here – there are plenty of them, there shouldn’t be any trouble at all finding them on internet. However, because the OS restore disks came in 2 flavours, part encrypted, part unencrypted, they’ve managed to hack the standard root password out of it allready: Alpine Have fun. I still love […]

How to erase memories

If you administer this drug whilst you’re visualising something, the drug removes first certain (possibly unconcious) associations with the memory and should after continued use, be able to remove the memory entirely.

New theory: What was before the big bang

This is being looked at quite seriously – Pennsylvania State University researchers have stated that there was definite something before the Big Bang, based on new knowledge of quantum physics. Due to cosmic forgetfulness we won’t know exactly what, but we can have a look what the universe looked like running up to the event. […]

Intel Core 2 CPU Bugs

Yes, Intel has done it again – not the 1+1=1.999999999r float bug, but close enough. Read about it here…

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