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Nice lock

Want to lock up something and make it look cool too? Samsung has the answer. Pictures speak more than words.

UK DNA Database is a mess

Not only do the authorities not clear the DNA database of people who are not charged or are considered innocent, it now turns out that 1/8th of the data in the database is wrong.

Larger Breasts? Drink Tea!

No idea if it works, but these guys are advertising tea that will increase ths size of your breasts. No painful surgery!

SciVee – Science TV

This is basically Youtube for Science. All the content presented on here has to have been published in a mainstream publication. Because it’s new the publications are fairly limited, but this will grow with time.

Be a rebel: smoke!

Yeah, used to be Rock and Roll stars had to crash cars into swimming pools to be noticed. Nowadays all they have to do is smoke during a concert. Way to live!

Stop the Fox war drumbeat

Fox is starting the drumbeat to war on Iran and it looks an incredible amount like the drumbeat for war on Iraq. This guy has made a little movie, comparing footage to both. Well worth looking at.

Thought Crime UK

Now police in the UK can invoke the 2006 Violent Crime Reduction Act to issue directions to leave, basically banishing a person (or group of people) from an area for up to 48 hours if they look like they might cause alcohol related disorder, no matter if they’ve actually had anything to drink. This is […]

The US now also in on the Pole Game

Yes, apart from telling Canada it thinks the bit Canada is claiming is Neutral Waters (even though the US aren’t signatories of the Sea Law treaties), they are now sending their very own Coast Guard cutter over there to map out the seabed and see if they can’t also imagine up an underwater ridge connecting […]

Vivendi tries DRM free sales through Universal

Universal Music Group is to sell thousands of tracks DRM free untill 1/8, none of which on the iTunes store in an attempt to measure if DRM sells better or worse. Or if the iTunes store sells poorly. Or whatever. Probably just to piss Apple off really. And to see if people will really want […]

And Denmark runs for the North Pole

Here goes the next claimant: Denmark, acting in the interests of Greenland is now claiming the North Pole oil reserves. You see, they, just like Russia have just discovered an arctic ridge linking their country to the Pole. Canada isn’t taking this lying down either of course. They’re now sending 900 rangers to the pole […]

Canada makes a run for the Pole

And besides Putin dropping flags on the North Pole seabed and claiming the Pole is connected to Russia through an underwater ridge (see Putin on the Warpath), now Canada is running for it’s claim by putting an underwater ship base thing down, to the anger of the US who says it’s in “neutral waters”. People […]

Netflix DRM hacked

There you go. DIzzIE on the Rorta forums has a lovely quick guide for paying users of Netflix to rip them and then save, distribute, whatever them. Apparently as soon as the howto came out, Netflix changed their DRM a bit, but hardly any time later the howto was modified on 2 points and you […]

Firefox page rendering increase

A neat little entry to add to your about:config settings as an integer set at 0 is nglayout.initialpaint.delay


Like VideoLan, Flumotion from Fluendo offerts a streaming media server based on the GStreamer multimedia framework. Fluendo creates plugins for different formats as well as a DVD player, Media Center and Streaming Java applet (Cortado). The Fluendo Site The Flumotion site

AMD vs Intel

How ugly can competition become? AMD has set up a special website slamming Intel, using the material it’s using in the EC antitrust case (which hasn’t been proved at all yet).

Wholesome Wear

For people who hate fun and have serious issues. (Double-layered, full-body bathing suits for women).

DIY Capacitive Sensor keypad

It’s a touch sensor you build on a PCB.

Water Fountain Toothbrush

Another totally elegant simple idea.

Standing Umbrella

A totally simple elegant idea.

Living Surface

Living Surface is a kit that combines a PC, camera, a projector and software that runs the projection and recognises the shadows on the surface giving the interactivity.

Moller Flying Car Finally in Production

OK, well it’s more of a flying moped, but still, it’s nice to see he’s finally got the M200G Volantor in production. No it’s not the skycar thing, it looks like a flying saucer. It flies 3m off the ground and goes around 50 mph. They’ll cost around EUR. 50,000 which isn’t too bad for […]

Women earning more than men in big cities

Yup, emancipation has finally happened and gone the other way – in big cities in the US, at least. Women in the 20 – 30 age bracket are earning more than men. In NYC it’s 117% and in Dallas it’s 120% of male wages. Of course, whether they’re comparing high power execs with dustmen is […]

Sunshine stops breast cancer

Well, not entirely, but it certainly lowers the chances of women getting it drastically due to the increased melatonin production. Of course, it does raise the chances of skin cancer.

Gender differences in the nose

OK, so this is in mice, but if lab mice are engineered to not have the TRPC2 gene, or if they remove the pheremone receptor in their noses, females start acting like males and shag around, become riotous and leave their kids after as little as two days if a male comes around. The most […]

England discovers that pubs stink

After banning smoking everywhere in England, people there have made the startling discovery that their pubs stink just like the Irish and Scottish ones. Stale beer, sweaty people and flatulence aren’t great smells at all. How long before they discover that being outside in the rain, snow, wind and cold is making more and more […]

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