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Incredible bathroom design

NIPPON STYLE:: PREMIUM UNIT SERIES is actually a full bathroom: shower, bath, washbasins and taps

Yup, we should be dead

Dear Friends Thought this might strike a chord or two!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE:- 1940’s, 50’s,60’s and 70’s !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, and didn’t get tested […]

Kids ‘should set tests’ – Education – News – Manchester Evening News

Not only that, they should mark each others’ tests as well. No, seriously. This is what the UK National Curriculum advice is for this year. First the UK has managed to scare the people into doing whatever it wants in the name of security, then it created a nanny state, and now it’s dumbing the […]

3D: MotionPortrait Animates Still Photos, Turns On Internet Dating World – Gizmodo

This looks simply awesome

APEC Security For George Bush

APEC security is lousy and people are stupid peons who will do anything if you give them a reason. We have been indoctrinated by fear. The Chasers prove it on Youtube

DIY: Build a Laser Spy Microphone On the Cheap – Lifehacker

Really quick and easy video tutorial

Bottle cleans water in seconds

It works by chemically filtering anything larger than 15 nanometers, thus cleansing it. Very usefull for the military or, well, anyone!

CCTV spying on smokers

So now the bastards have made sure that you’re actually outside killing yourself in the rain, wind, sleet, cold, whatever with your cigarette, they’ve decided that the litter you create when you throw away your cigarette butt is aweful enough that they’re going to automatically ticket you for littering after they’ve automatically identified you with […]


The little hypnotic dancing robot comes from here.

Confuse then reframe

First you confuse people about what you’re talking about and then you re-explain it in simple language. This used in sales leads to increased sales, as people are looking to understand what the hell it was you just told them.

Google Lunar X-Prize

Google has teamed up with the X-Prize foundation to offer incentives to get onto the moon: • GRAND PRIZE: A $20 million Grand Prize will be awarded to the team that can soft land a craft on the Moon that roams for at least 500 meters and transmits a Mooncast back to Earth. The Grand […]

Google incorporates Celestia

Google Earth 4.2 now incorporates space with the Sky option, allowing you to explore the heavens with images from various sources overlaid. Still have to compare it to Celestia though.

UK MOD Doctrine and Diplomacy

The UK MOD has an interesting page with publications about what it’s doing, how it wants to do things and how it sees the world. A very interesting read is the DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme, which has the UK’s best ideas on what will happen globally between 2007-2036

Painting With Light |

Ways to inventively use light as paintbrushes on photographs you make. Painting With Light |

Fairlight XYNERGI keyboard

This keyboard costs more than the Optimus keyboard, also has OLED programmable buttons and even has a screen on it and easy mode changing stuff, but still manages to look like a throwback from the 60s. There’s a video after the jump.

IBM has a 100,000 dpi printer

That’s nanoscale – offset printers go to around 1,500 dpi. Free licence to start printing bank bills?

Howto: increase your population

Encourage the peons to enter a competition where they get half a day off work for sex and win prizes for making a baby. This reality at the Day of Conception in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

UK Data Protection Act Flaunted

In an interesting art project, where the director wanted to make a movie out of only CCTV footage (which the UK, under the DPA has to provide quickly and for a fixed fee if you want to see your own face with other faces blacked out) about a woman living in a land of faceless […]

Russia tests FOAB / DOAB

4 times more explosive power than the US built MOAB, the Father / Dad Of All Bombs is around the same explosive power as a nuke, but no radiation fallout. ABC Guardian

PHP compilers

So far as I can find out there are two PHP compilers out there: Zend Guard, which compiles your code so that it’s optimised, sped up and unreadable. This is run using an Apache / IIS extension called the Zend Optimiser (free). Phalanger, which is open source and compiles to .NET, allowing the use of […]

Big damn botnet

The Storm botnet is now sending around 2 billion emails per day, has around 30,000 computers hosting the webpage that is linked to in the email, runs at around 10% capacity and blasts anybody who starts looking at it with a massive DOS. This thing can take down just around everything (allthough it doesn’t seem […]

Men: Be afraid of Children

The US Fearmongering has gone onto a totally new track – men are becoming afraid of children there, as they are likely to be seen as paedophile if they interact with them in any way.

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