Kids ‘should set tests’ – Education – News – Manchester Evening News

Not only that, they should mark each others’ tests as well. No, seriously. This is what the UK National Curriculum advice is for this year. First the UK has managed to scare the people into doing whatever it wants in the name of security, then it created a nanny state, and now it’s dumbing the Read more about Kids ‘should set tests’ – Education – News – Manchester Evening News[…]

CCTV spying on smokers

So now the bastards have made sure that you’re actually outside killing yourself in the rain, wind, sleet, cold, whatever with your cigarette, they’ve decided that the litter you create when you throw away your cigarette butt is aweful enough that they’re going to automatically ticket you for littering after they’ve automatically identified you with Read more about CCTV spying on smokers[…]

UK MOD Doctrine and Diplomacy

The UK MOD has an interesting page with publications about what it’s doing, how it wants to do things and how it sees the world. A very interesting read is the DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme, which has the UK’s best ideas on what will happen globally between 2007-2036