Vista sets admin rights depending on programme name

Oddly enough, anything named ‘install’ will be seen by Vista as requiring Admin rights. However, just rename it and you don’t require admin rights any more. It’s being touted as a ‘feature’ of course, but it’s one of the most bloody stupid features I’ve ever heard of. A bit like having username ‘Magix’ and being Read more about Vista sets admin rights depending on programme name[…]

THC cures lung cancer?

THC is the active ingredient in marjhuana and hashish, if you didn’t know. This stuff apparently cuts tumor growth in half and also inhibits the tumor’s ability to grow. Which is why all those hippies never get lung cancer – a strange statistic that has puzzled many 🙂

AMD to hardcode DRM

The AMD rep spelled it out in words that would have been undiplomatic coming from me: He said that the new chips will “block unauthorized access to the frame buffer.” In short, that means an unauthorized party can’t save the contents of the display to a file on disk unless the content owner approves it.

Space Sims

It’s been a long while since I’ve last played X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer, Freespace et al. and I’ve missed the genre. After a little hunting around I’ve found two space sims which look very worth exploring (Allthough, unfortunately, none is multiplayer as far as I can see…): X3: Reunion is a huge, Read more about Space Sims[…]

Wall Sized 3D Displays

Tom’s Hardware is running a great tutorial how to get a DLP projector, stereoscopic glasses and go all VR by turning your wall into a huge 3D display. They tell you what hardware to get and how to install it, and have reviews of several different types of games you can play.

Now the cameras talk too

Because being able to watch your citizens in an Orwellian way isn’t enough, Britain’s latest addition to the surveillance society is to make it interactive. Unknown people with their voices modified to sound freakily like schoolchildren will be able to shout directives at you from the camera’s all over the country now.

Driving Licence points have one winner: Insurance companies

Hardly surprising, but putting points on a person’s licence isn’t going to stop them speeding. Or at least, not the 3.7 million motorists in this study. It increased the insurance company’s profits by around $36 million, as they charge more insurance fees if you get points. The way to stop drivers from repeat speeding offences, Read more about Driving Licence points have one winner: Insurance companies[…]