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Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Science

This guy is rocket crazy. He’s built a rocket belt, which looks like the James Bond jetpack (and actually works!) and is building rocket cars, bikes, whatever. He’s even built a machine to make Hydrogen Peroxide at home so you can build your own fuel. Viva Mexico!

3D Face recognition locks

VisionAccess has a 3D face regocnition unit which they claim will recognise your head from different angles, in different lighting and even with different hair styles. Put it in your car, and instead of them chopping of your hand to steal it, they’ll decapitate you.

Samsung develops CMOS Sensor

Are CCD sensors now a thing of the past? The Samsung 8.4 megapixel CMOS Image Sensor uses only a tenth of the power of a CCD with the same fidelity and a high SNR.

China to build huge dragon

China is currently building the world’s largest dragon. It will be 30 feet high at the head, and the metal structure will be 13 miles long.

Philadelphia Smoke-easies

The smoke Nazi’s are being thwarted much like the anti-tobacco czars during the prohibition in Philadelpia. Smoke easies refuse to enforce the anti-smoking laws in effect and allow people to act like people with free choice: they can smoke, drink and eat as they like inside. Let’s hope the rest of the free world follows […]

Hexagon on Saturn

The weather patterns on one pole of Saturn make a huge hexagon fitting four earth sized planets.

Traffic violation insurance

This law firm in Amsterdam, Jeroen Zandt, insures you for unlimited judicial help, regardless of the amount of traffic violations you have, for around EUR. 200,- per month.

Windows most secure commercial OS

According to a study done by Symantec over the last 6 months of 2006, based on metrics such as amount of vulnerabilities and speed of patches. Red Hat came second, followed by Mac OS X. Then there are HP-UX and Sun Solaris!

Messy people are more productive

Interestingly, slobs may look messy but their mess is organised. Neat freaks are so busy tidying up, that they lose productivity. The book “A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder,” by Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman has studied the dynamics of neatness and come to this conclusion.

Dating for hot people

A novel way of dating, only allows hot people in. This is measured by submitting 3 pictures. The members of the site rate you, and if your average rating is higher than an 8, you get to join. If not, then tough.

SpaceX Falcon 1 liftoff

The 2 stage rocket is designed to compete with all current operators of satellite launch platforms and be 10 times cheaper than them. There is not so much emphasis on bringing people into space, making this probably commercially more viable. Their first launch was a flop, so they were happy that this launch lasted untill […]

Palm Treo 650 offers push email

Palm has finally got off their lazy asses and programmed push email into VersaMail 3.5. Unfortunately you do have to buy the update, but it’s not too expensive: VersaMail 3.5 ($9.99) ActiveSync Update ($2.99)

Dutch Electronic Art Festival 07

DEAF07 has as it’s title “Interact or Die!” It will be held between 10 – 29 April in Rotterdam and consists of workshops, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, etc. The program is impressive, this should be worth a visit. There is a secondary exhibition linked to it called unDEAF, which invites anyone to participate however they like, […]

Map your trips with Google Earth and GPS

Using Goops you can connect a GPS to Google Earth and map your trips, colour coded for speed. You can save and share your tracks with others. This works because Google Earth has a cache allowing you to download the area you’re going to drive in and view the areas offline.

Scents improve memory formation

The scientific community knew that scent is closely related to memory, as people can recall events / places with a certain smell when they smell the associated scent easily. Now, they’ve found out that if you have a task that requires studying, then associate that with a smell and then throw that smell at you […]

Is the US IRS illegal?

Zathur thought this one out for us: People will have to do their own research. I just googled to get some topics out. Not saying that I support any of the topics discussed, I’m PRO making people think about society and issues around them and not to take stuff for granted. IRS is illegal in […]

Air Universtity Center for Strategy and Technology

This site has a huge amount of links and resources to all kinds of activities the USAF is involved in.

ID Cards and central databases

There we go. Australia implements a compulsory ID Card Scheme, whilst promising that the data wouldn’t be stored in a central database or be easily accessible and as soon as it’s implemented… WHACK! The police are allowed to search the central database without a warrant! Who’d have thought you couldn’t trust the politicians?

Brain Game Controller

This Emotiv Systems controller claims to read facial expressions and brain patterns. With some training it can allow you to visualise the actions you want to take and externalise them on the computer. It’s a prototype, but release is planned for 2008, as well as an API for game designers.

Toxic Wife Syndrome

The new generation of gold diggers see it as their responsibility to be high maintenance and do nothing. The danger signals of a wife going toxic are all too plain: — She gives up work to care for the children and then sends them to boarding schools as soon as they outgrow their nannies. — […]

The best Goatse Story Ever

Don’t you know what a Goatse is? Basically, it’s a picture disguised for a while as something innocuous, and when enough people are looking at it, or when they least expect it, you change the picture to a horrible, disgusting one of a huge distended arsehole. It’s one of the most shocking things IMHO you […]

Predict your traffic jams

This site takes historical data about traffic jams from the past three years and uses it to predict the amount of traffic jams in the Netherlands on a graphical map for the date and hourly time period you select. NB it’s slightly confusing: you go to ‘verkeersweergave’ -> ‘Intensiteiten’ -> ‘Topdrukte’ and on the page […]

Soviet Britain

Didn’t we win the cold war for our Freedoms? Didn’t we win WWII for our Freedoms? Then why is the UK implementing a measure that sees all children aged 11 and less to be compulsorily fingerprinted from 2010? Are they all guilty of crimes they haven’t committed? When will people understand the dangers of centralised […]

Nuclear duster

Ron Simandl has been busy developing a duster for invisible particles. He’s come up with a treatment that can turn any rag into a superduster, allowing you to use it to clean your car with as well as Beryllium. Swiffer, move aside!

The Ultimate War Sim

This is a great take on what should be in the coming RTS games to make it more realistic. Very funny and actually, I’d love this kind of game!

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