Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Science

This guy is rocket crazy. He’s built a rocket belt, which looks like the James Bond jetpack (and actually works!) and is building rocket cars, bikes, whatever. He’s even built a machine to make Hydrogen Peroxide at home so you can build your own fuel. Viva Mexico!

3D Face recognition locks

VisionAccess has a 3D face regocnition unit which they claim will recognise your head from different angles, in different lighting and even with different hair styles. Put it in your car, and instead of them chopping of your hand to steal it, they’ll decapitate you.

Messy people are more productive

Interestingly, slobs may look messy but their mess is organised. Neat freaks are so busy tidying up, that they lose productivity. The book “A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder,” by Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman has studied the dynamics of neatness and come to this conclusion.

Dating for hot people

A novel way of dating, www.hotenough.com only allows hot people in. This is measured by submitting 3 pictures. The members of the site rate you, and if your average rating is higher than an 8, you get to join. If not, then tough.

ID Cards and central databases

There we go. Australia implements a compulsory ID Card Scheme, whilst promising that the data wouldn’t be stored in a central database or be easily accessible and as soon as it’s implemented… WHACK! The police are allowed to search the central database without a warrant! Who’d have thought you couldn’t trust the politicians?

Brain Game Controller

This Emotiv Systems controller claims to read facial expressions and brain patterns. With some training it can allow you to visualise the actions you want to take and externalise them on the computer. It’s a prototype, but release is planned for 2008, as well as an API for game designers.

Nuclear duster

Ron Simandl has been busy developing a duster for invisible particles. He’s come up with a treatment that can turn any rag into a superduster, allowing you to use it to clean your car with as well as Beryllium. Swiffer, move aside!