Cuil (supposedly pronounced ‘cool’) is another new search engine, built by some ex-Google employees. Supposedly it’s so far indexing 3 times as many sites as Google. I’m very charmed with its way of presenting found information in a magazine format and the simple layout that greets you when you find your way onto the site.

UK SAS Para Dogs

Britain is training dogs to wear camera’s on their heads and do high altitude, high opening para jumps, so that they can work as point ‘man’ and stream information on targets back to the troops coming behind.

Donkey Punch I and II

Incredibly, they’ve gone and made a high budget version of… DONKEY PUNCH!!!! 😀 My favorite review of all time is on that movie, I’m sure you ALL remember it 😀 (Here it is again, should you wish to reperuse it at your leisure: YES! And the point of this message? THEY’VE REMADE AND RE-RELEASED Read more about Donkey Punch I and II[…]


Julius Popp of Spherical Robots has created a display / monitor by using falling water. The density of the water creates the pixels. The results are fairly amazing:

Kaspersky claims Intel chips hacked

Kris Kaspersky claims to have found an exploit which he plans to release into the wild with working proof of concept code at the upcoming Hack In The Box in Malaysia. He claims that every intel box ever made is vulnerable, OS independent, as long as it’s running TCP/IP or javascript.

Zing Laser Engraver

OK, so you want to personalise a bit of metal, glass, wood, whatever by laser cutting it? Here you go! Windows sees it as a printer and lets you personalise to your hearts’ content. Not cheap though: around $8000,-