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eXtensible Business Reporting Language

XBRL is fast becoming the standard for transmitting business and financial data over internet.

EU selling out private data to the US

It looks like the EU has not learned a thing from the outrage of giving away flight data and swift financial data to the US, and is now agreeing to give all data the US wants as long as it is ‘adequately protected’. What that level of protection is, isn’t defined, so if the US […]

Joss Stone – another pro piracy musician

Yet another (but now, Grammy award winning) musician is sticking it to her record company and telling her fans to download, as long as they come around to see her live.

IANA and ICANN hacked

s. Specific domains that were hijacked included “ ” “ ” “iana.” By changing the DNS entries! How cheeky can you get?! Well done netdevilz

Is free will governed by thought?

Most fysiologists and psychologists know that movements are initiated by the brain some time before the conscious mind thinks about them and ‘decides’ to initiate them. This article rounds up a little on desicion making in general, showing that the time could be up to 30 seconds before determination when making mistakes and 10 seconds […]

People banned from Contact with Children

Yes, from our nannying UK – in order to be in touch with any children you don’t own, you need a government CRB check, declaring you ‘safe’ to be in contact with children. Most of the comments in the article register outrage, a few tiny small minority come out with the inane ‘if you’re not […]

Become an Astronaut part 2

So, if you were upset that ESA was hiring astronauts because you’re not a European and couldn’t make it, no problem! The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is seeking an astronaut to support the ISS program./a> Surprisingly the job requirements are way less stringent than for the ESA. You can make do with a batchelor […]

ICANN Board Approves Wide Expansion of TLDs

Now anyone with his dog can get one! Gief mine! NB About time – using the dot god infrastructure was a no go, Open Root Server cost too much and Namespace was too obscure (see here)

Image Fulgurator

The Image Fulgurator is a device for physically manipulating photographs. It intervenes when a photo is being taken, without the photographer being able to detect anything. It intervenes when a photo is being taken, without the photographer being able to detect anything. The manipulation is only visible on the photo afterwards. The manipulation is only […]

English girls smoking

Uh, wait, what? Thanks to the internet, you can now pay to watch English girls … smoke. I’m guessing I’m not the only one surprised by this website. Must be Rule 34.

Bad guys get the girls

According to this article, which otherwise contains no useful information whatsoever.

Wine 1.0 released

FINALLY! Wine is not an emulator will run windows programs, and has finally made it to v1.0: stable! Congratulations, I’m very curious how well this is going to work!

‘Skin-tenna’ wireless signals creep over human skin

‘Skin-tenna’ wireless signals creep over human skin allowing you to connect medical equipment or gadgets. These remind me of the Human Area Networks and Redtacton skin networks

Kid Rock Poops on Warner

After Warner Music asked Kid Rock to denounce file sharing, he turned around and pissed all over Warner instead, by announcing that they stole from the musicians, and he wanted as many people as possible to download his music so they could hear him and then come watch him perform live. Well done that man!

Do not talk to the police

A law professor explains why you should never, ever talk to the police. Don’t talk to the cops. Part I .. and then a police officer explains why he’s absolutely right. Don’t talk to the cops. Part II

SATA/CF/IDE to USB 2.0 Bridge Adapter

SATA/CF/IDE to USB 2.0 Bridge Adapter implements a bridge between USB port and IDE, SATA or CF hard drive port. It turns any standard IDE or SATA drive into a convenient external drive. Easily transfer files from PC, notebook, backup files or store large file archives on hard drives. USB Geek, Your USB Solution!!

quikmaps allows you to draw easily on google maps and then share that on your site, via KML to Google Earth or GPX to your GPS.

The N-Prize

It was the X-Prize that Burt Rutan’s Spaceship 1 took when it launched into space and recovered. Google is offering the Lunar X-Prize together with the X-Prize foundation for the first team that lands on the moon and transmits back to earth. The N-Prize is for a microsat launched into space for a price of […]


Trayconizer Makes Any Program a Permanent System Tray App by changing the startup shortcut to first refer to trayiconizer and then the program as a switch / option.

Push and Synchronization – Email, Calendar, Address Book

Synchronica is the one solution I’ve found for synching the iphone. Winfonie Mobile 2 has been tested and known to work allowing you to synchronise your iphone with lotus organizer 6.1. There are two versions: one for your contacts and one for your calendar. No to do list or notes as the iphone doesn’t support […]

Windows Backup Tools

With the prices of external HDs nowadays there is no excuse for not having a backup! Here are some (free) Windows tools Syncback Karen’s Replicator Cobian backup

Microsoft Coffee

There are a couple of *NIX distributions out there that come on a CD with loads of hacking and cracking tool. None is officially released by Microsoft. Untill now. COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) is a USB stick with allegedly over 100 tools and a mouseclick away from hacking your base, some of it […]

Power, seduction and war

The author of the Laws of Power, Rules of Seduction and Strategies of War has a blog, Interesting reading, add to your feedreader.

Jet-powered bike is not safe

Look, if you want to get to work faster, you should drive a car. I know you ride your bike to help save the environment and exercise and all those noble reasons, but let’s be honest: adding jet propulsion to your bicycle kind of defeats both of those purposes. And really, this bike, which has […]

Star Wars gets unofficial sequel: Lockheed’s orbital missile barrage system

Lockheed’s Multiple Kill Vehicle-L space superiority platform promises to be the final word in the event of an intercontinental ballistic missile attack. Part of the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System, the MKV-L is designed to deal with the multitudinous targets an ICBM launch would provide, rather than take out a single warhead. ICBMs can be […]

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