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Automated air-traffic network developed for robo-planes

Turns out that solving the deconfliction problem in the air is quite simple, considering everything is armed with GPS nowadays. However, in order to pinpoint position you need 5 satellite signals. And what happens if the US uses their ‘off’ switch?

BGP route man-in-the-middle attack outlined

Well, due to the trusting relationship of BGP routing peers it turns out you can reroute a whole load of traffic fairly easily if you have a BGP router.

Waterproofing is hot!

We have had in rapid succession a transparent water repellent coating and Golden Shellback which water and dustproofs. Now we have a British process to make any item ‘100% waterproof’ through ion masking. They can’t yet do electronics though they’re working on it.

Vivien Muller design: PhotonSynthese

This tree is unfortunately a design concept, but I want it: charge your gadgets with solar power…

Startup Delayer Staggers Your Startup Apps for Smoother Loading

Windows only: Free application Startup Delayer staggers the applications that launch when you log in to Windows by user-defined increments. The reason: To mitigate the common startup bottleneck caused by all of your startup applications fighting to run at the same time. Featured Windows Download: Startup Delayer Staggers Your Startup Apps for Smoother Loading

Draganflyer X6 – UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform

This thing flies your camera wherever you want it – fast! Very cool videos

The Dubai Ziggurat: 1 million living souls in a pyramid, entirely self-contained

Pyramids and ziggurats represent an oddly survivable form of architecture. Built by civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mayans and Babylonians, several of these testaments to ancient ingenuity are still standing after thousands of years. Timelinks, a design firm based in Dubai, has unveiled plans to make a pyramid of its own — one that could […]

CVT i3101 iPhone Dock

Yes! This one hangs on the wall AND supports SD cards. Torrent aggregator

Most aggregators basically provide a shell for you to search individual sites on, but this one searches all the sites, filters out doubles and allows you to work with operators such as ‘-‘


This page links to a program that allows you to create subtitles for movies, but also to subloaddownloader, which finds them for you. Sublight also downloads and manages your subtitles

Cloud computing – the best definition I’ve heard yet

This phrase I’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE the past couple of months. No-one can really define what it is though. So here is the best explanation of it yet: It’s been called a lot of things: utility computing, grid computing, distributed computing, and now cloud computing. You can come up with any CTO-friendly name you like, […]

Cancer surgery by colour

A great idea in the fight against cancer: make the cancerous cells light up in a fluorescent colour, so that the surgeon knows if he’s cut out enough the first time round. Saves a lot of extraenous flesh being cut away too.

IOGEAR’s Wireless USB to VGA kit

Certified by the USB-IF, this unit enables any machine with a spare USB port to stream video to a TV or projector with resolutions as high as 720p. So long as your USB dongle is plugged into your machine and the VGA adapter is connected to a display, you’ll be good to go within a […]

Kuwait building world’s tallest tower, huge rail network

There are some big plans underway in Subiya, Kuwait in Madinat al-Hareer, the City of Silk. Not only are they planning to erect the world’s tallest tower, stealing the crown from Dubai, but they’re also planning on creating a hugely ambitious rail network that would link the Middle East with China. The railway will connect […]

Nike’s armor-plated war truck comes in peace (and with its own skate ramp)

Known as the Nike 6.0 Ill Mobile, the monstrous fun wagon you see pictured above came from ad/design firm Hub Strategy, which the shoe company tasked with making something that would make people stop and say, “Holy crap!” The first thing Hub Strategy did? Repurpose an amphibious armor-plated war-truck from 1959 into a mobile extreme […]

Dedicated gaming table crowns you King of the geeks

Are you the type of gamer who needs to get every latest input device and display for your killer rig? If gaming peripherals are just piling up on the floor of your bachelor pad, perhaps this gaming table from Digital Edge can get things under control. I just wouldn’t put it anywhere a potential girlfriend […]

When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite

Turns out that the Christians have been performing same-sex marriages for ages and ages up to at least 1587.

2015 concept BMW certainly is futuristic

What are cars going to look like in the year 2015? Well, I’m guessing they’re going to look kind of like our cars to day, but maybe a touch more aerodynamic. But hey, what do I know? When asked the same question, Transportation Design students at Turin-based IED (istituto Europeo di Design) came up with […]

Stunning Ferrari Monza concept is ready for takeoff

While most crazy fast concept cars use aerodynamics to keep the wheels firmly planted on the ground, designer Iman Maghsoudi has taken the opposite tack with his wild Ferrari Monza concept. Once you reach a predetermined speed, an onboard computer changes the car’s aerodynamic profile, using winglets called canards ahead of the front wheels to […]

Drive to the south pole in style in the Lotus CIV

When your aim is to travel across the great ice plains of Antarctica, a normal car or truck meant for highways and regular streets probably isn’t going to meet your specific needs. You need a vehicle designed for the wide expanses of ice down on the bottom of the world. The Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle […]

1% of potential geothermal energy could deliver power for 26,000 years

geothermal-power-process.jpgIn case you weren’t aware, below the surface of the earth there’s a sea of insanely hot material that’s constantly swirling around. When tapped, that heat source can be used as geothermal power. With so much down there, why aren’t we using it more? That’s a question asked in Australia, where a study determined that […]

Hinterland electric vehicle looks like a bulbous bullet train

Of all the electric car designs we’ve seen, this one is the most puzzling yet. The Hinterland Project starts with the shape of an airplane fuselage and turns it into a sustainable vehicle. However, it looks more like an electric tin can with wheels to us. The idea is its aerodynamic shape and lightweight aluminum […]

Intel wireless power is pure magic, most efficient yet

The final frontier of wireless tech is upon us, with Intel showing off its electricity flying through the air with better efficiency than ever. While it’s not the first wireless power transmitting device we’ve seen, this one uses resonance rather than induction, and boasts 75% efficiency. Hey, that means if you send 100 watts across […]

Australian student fashions solar cells out of nail polish as only MacGyver could

What do you get when you bring together a pizza oven, some nail polish and inkjet printers? Solar cells. You and I may be scratching our heads, but the woman behind the process known as iJet, Nicole Kuepper, won two Australian Museum Eureka Prizes — Australia’s top science awards. The real beauty of Ms. Kuepper’s […]

Satellite Damage Assessment For Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, Georgia (as of 22 Aug 2008

This map presents a satellite-based damage assessment for the city of Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, Georgia following the armed conflict between Georgian and Russian military forces in August 2008. Damaged buildings have been identified with WorldView-1 and Formosat-2 satellite imagery acquired on 19 August 2008 at a spatial resolution of 50cm and 2m respectively. An estimated […]

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