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MouseJail is a tiny freeware that keeps your mouse on the monitor you want it to stay. Very handy with games, where sometimes the mouse wanders out into the desktop next to the gaming area.


Minitube integrates with Winamp, Itunes or KMPlayer and hunts down the music video to the song you’re playing on youtube.

Wal-Mart shows us why Spore’s DRM is fubar

Spore has been getting loads of flak for publishing a game using a copy protection method that only allows you to install it on 3 user accounts. They’ve since raised the amount to 5, and say that you should be able to install it on more PCs if you give them a call. Wall Mart […]

Tory party campaigns on killing centralised databases

Labour is a big fan of huge, vulnerable and downright dangerous centralised databases. The Tory party: less so. Especially when it’s their kids being centralised for an unencrypted USB device to give all the data to someone.

SpaceX Falcon 1 made it to orbit

After 3 failed launces, fourth time was lucky – the three stage rocket made it to low earth orbit, making it the first privately funded spacecraft to do this, trumping Spaceship One, which, allthough manned, only stays in space for very short periods of time.

China Space Walks

Well done China, not many countries have had spacewalking astronauts!

Speeding drivers cause only 3% of car accidents, figures reveal | Mail Online

Well, there you go. Proof that speeding camera’s are basically only another way for the government to shake us around upside down and catch the money that falls out.

Rockbox 3 released

Rockbox replaces the UI and OS on a whole range of popular MP3 players (archos, iriver, ipod, iaudio, gigabeat, sansa). You can customise the UI, use voice control, play games, load plugins, etc etc etc. A great way to breathe life into your old MP3 player.


Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd (SPR Ltd) a small UK based company, has demonstrated a remarkable new space propulsion technology. The company has sucessfully tested both an experimental thruster and a demonstrator engine which use patented microwave technology to convert electrical energy directly into thrust. No propellant is used in the conversion process. Thrust is produced […]

US Homeland Security Can now Copy Your Paper Documents

Laptops and digital stuff wasn’t enough for them – no, they can photocopy anything and everything you take into the country….

MS Exchange Alternatives

If you don’t want to run an MS Exchange server, but you do want to have the groupware functions such as sharing calendars, emails, notes, contacts, etc. there are a few semi open alternatives you can try which also support phone synchronisation. Most support webbased functionality and allow you to attach any client to it, […]

Apple goes patent nuts again!

We’ve covered how Apple has stolen the Ipod from a broke British bloke before (here) and how they’ve ripped the design of the new Nano from Cupertino (here) and whilst we haven’t covered that before, it turns out that the OS-X desktop launch bar (the thing on the bottom) has marked similarities to Konfabulator. Now, […]

EFF Sues NSA, President Bush, and Vice President Cheney to Stop Illegal Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies today on behalf of AT&T customers to stop the illegal, unconstitutional, and ongoing dragnet surveillance of their communications and communications records. The five individual plaintiffs are also suing President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Cheney’s […]

QuickPwn 2.1

Well, the apple version of QuickPwn 2.1 for the 2.1 firmware was broken beginning of last week, now the dev-team supports windows as well!

Treating PTSD with virtual worlds

Apparently the US military has a high success rate treating post traumatic stress disorder by recreating a sufferers private hell and letting them relive it in a virtual world. They start off without the worst details and add more and more detail as the resilience of the patient goes up.

Bavarian police illegally making spyware

Without any legal approval, it seems the Bavarian police would like to turn Germany into a police state. They seem to have developed a trojan that latches on to Skype clients and allows eavesdropping as well as sending technical details of the client PC.

Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Email hacked

Turns out she uses her Yahoo account for work, so as to escape accountability and federal laws on data retention.

Howto get through TSA security

Denver airport security screeners have been given a new uniform with a metal badge that sets off the metal detectors. Solution? Simple! Don’t screen anyone wearing a screener uniform.

Most Awesome Pub in the World!

The Fitzroy Saint Hotel bar in Saint Kilda, Victoria, has caused uproar in the past for hiring a dwarf to pour drinks down patron’s throats, but it doesn’t end there! In a raunchy ad last week, women who took off their panties in the bar got free $50,- drinks cards and if they flashed their […]


Danny Kuo’s design for a bookcase that turns into a staircase so you can reach the top shelves easily is stunningly simple and brilliant.

CSI Stick

Plug this tiny stick into a Motorola / Samsung phone and retrieve all their data in one fell swoop – contacts, emails, sms messages, deleted stuff, anything. Now retailing for around $200,-. More phone models to follow ASAP.

MMS for iphone

Yup, yet another feature Apple forgot, can now be downloaded into your jailbroken iphone. SwirlyMMs adds just what you’d expect it to 🙂

Strange Object found by Hubble

On February 21, 2006, […] Hubble began seeing something brighten. It continued brightening for about 100 days and peaked at 21st magnitude in two near-infrared colors. It then faded away over a similar timescale, until nothing was left in view down to 26th magnitude. The object brightened and faded by a factor of at least […]

Oops – Apple rips off again!

After having ripped off a poor English inventor to create the ipod, now they’ve ripped off Cupertino who designed the next generation of ipods a year ago! Keepin’ it real fake, CXL: Cottage MP3 player apes iPod nano 4G a year in advance – Engadget

When is wine not wine?

Apparently in many cheap brands of wine, there isn’t enough grape content to call it actual wine. Generally low quality grapes are covered by sugar additives and in a few occasions, it’s not just that it’s flavoured alcoholic water that’s the problem, but the additives are actually dangerous, such as hydrochloric acid and fertilisers

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