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How to sync an iPhone with two (or more) Computers

To get the ipod able to sync to multiple computers basically you find the an itunes ID which the PC you’re allready syncing to has, and then rewrite the ID on the second computer. The only thing is that if you then sync the same type of data from both PCs you’ll have that data […]

SNEAKEY Key duplicator

SNEAKEY is a system that can take a poor resolution picture of a key and from that create a prefect working duplicate.


gMote is a windows freeware that allows you to easily define mouse gestures to launch programs or open folders.

EstDomains kicked by ICANN

As the president of EstDomains has been convicted of fraud, money laundering and document forgery, as well as apparently being notorious for registering domain names used for phishing, spam and other internet scams, ICANN has said enough is enough and has kicked them out. They are now looking for someone to take over the 281,000 […]

Attractive people and their children

An earlier study in 2006 showed that attractive parents are 36% more likely to have daughters, and that the daughters become more attractive That study has been validated again recently, but now with the added caveat that whilst it seems that the attractiveness is hereditiary for women and not for men: ie. attractive couples have […]

eGo Skin

This is a paper thin LCD screen that can be coated on cell phones and change colour at the touch of a finger. YOU get to decide what you’re cell phone looks like!

WowWee Alive Cubs

These teddybears look amazing


These external speakers will only run at 100 – 500 pieces and will be on sale from November.

And now: the F/A-18 Hornets

Yup, the USA military is definitely past it’s prime – first the grounding of the entire F-15 fleet, then the ongoing A-10 grounding, the ancient tankers which have no replacement coming and now the F/A-18s are being grounded and inspected for structural faults found in many earlier models around the aerolon hinges. These kind of […]

Plasma rocket engine VASIMR VX-200 first stage achieves full power rating

These kind of rockets are more efficient and require less fuel than traditional chemical rockets. Very usefull in space. Infinity and beyond!


mir:ror is a system that reads RFID labels and then performs actions on your PC depending on the type of tag: eg, show your umbrella and it will give you a weather report. Only $69,99

DHS turns 2/3rd of US Population into citizens without rights

By declaring anything 100 miles from a border a ‘constitution-free zone’, where the Dept of Homeland Security (aka SS or Gestapo) can stop, seize and search you, demanding papers (Auschweiss) with no reason or cause. Of course, the happy jackbooted goons are taking advantage of this, using their powers to detain at random will.

Itunes without a credit card

Creating an Itunes account using this method allows you to not give Apple your personal data, but also allows you to register in the US store, which is updated more frequently and has more free content on it.

Wii Hacked open after 2 days

After an update with which Nintendo killed new homebrew channel installations, this part has been circumvented allready.

USB Floppy Drive

This HP USB key doubles as a floppy disk emulator, meaning you can easily boot up from it on all kinds of PCs.

ACCESS Linux Platform

ALP 3.0 is out. This is the successor the Palm OS / Garnet and would have been really really really exciting. If it had happened around 3 years ago. Very curious if Palm is going to license this for their new phones and get rid of Windows Mobile (which is total crap). Somehow I don’t […]

Setting up your Wii for Homebrew

This wiki explains how to set up your Wii for homebrew, how to install the homebrew channel and the homebrew softwares you can then get.

The Inclusive 4GB SD Card Workaround Solution for Wii!

Nintendo says the SD card size limit is 2GB. Basically what it comes down to, is if you ensure there’s always less than 1.99GB of free space on an SD card, it doesn’t seem to matter what size the SD card is. So you fill up the space with crap, and when your SD card […]

Print 3D objects from Google SketchUp

CADSpan has released a plugin that translates Google Sketchups to an STL file.

Scotch-tape X-Ray Machine

Who knew? If you peel away Scotch tape, you emit X-Rays. Well, the Russians found out about 50 years ago. It turns out that unpeeling 3 cm / second emits enough X-Rays to take a picture of a finger!

New state of matter found

In addition to gas, liquid and solid we now also have “quasi-three- dimensional electron crystal”, which is sort of 3D, but not quite. Strange stuff, and the boffins are looking at it to see what they can do with it, but as they discovered it in a resistor, there’s a good chance this will be […]

Microsoft sued for Hacking

A Chinese lawyer is suing Microsoft for hacking his PC by installing Windows Genuine Advantage on it without his permission. Too bloody right! Well done and hopefully we can make this a class action suit in Europe!

Nike Hindsight Glasses

The lenses on these glasses are cut so that the view to the sides of the wearers head is sent to your peripheral vision, where you’re not so good at looking at detail, but good at detecting movement. This should improve safetly substantially whilst doing just about anything!

Parkour / Freerunning

Parkour is the original French name for the sport, Freerunning is the name it has taken on. These guys get from A to B using the most original way possible. That means jumping railings, from house to house, doing flips, running up walls, etc etc etc. It’s an art as much as a sport and […]


Should you want to install cracked applications and games, appshare is a huge repository of rar files.

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