Attractive people and their children

An earlier study in 2006 showed that attractive parents are 36% more likely to have daughters, and that the daughters become more attractive That study has been validated again recently, but now with the added caveat that whilst it seems that the attractiveness is hereditiary for women and not for men: ie. attractive couples have Read more about Attractive people and their children[…]


mir:ror is a system that reads RFID labels and then performs actions on your PC depending on the type of tag: eg, show your umbrella and it will give you a weather report. Only $69,99

Nike Hindsight Glasses

The lenses on these glasses are cut so that the view to the sides of the wearers head is sent to your peripheral vision, where you’re not so good at looking at detail, but good at detecting movement. This should improve safetly substantially whilst doing just about anything!