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Women don’t care for sick men

AFter 5 minutes of caring, women have had enough when their man is sick. They won’t try to care for him, they won’t take time off for him, whereas men tend to care for their women. Yes. Women are cold hearted, egotistical bitches.

The size of the Bailout package

The size of the bailout plan is truly staggering. Not just a little bit huge but immensely massive. Did you know it was larger than the following combined: • Marshall Plan: Cost: $12.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $115.3 billion • Louisiana Purchase: Cost: $15 million, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $217 billion • Race to the Moon: […]

Blue Angels Hold First-Ever Open Tryouts

Join a premier national aerobatics team, even if you have no experience flying jets!

When wind farm subsidies go wrong

In the US wind farm power is so subsidised, that in Texas power prices around 33% of the year were negative, ie. the more power a consumer user, the more they got paid to use it!

Nanotech self cleaning, never wet clothing

Even when submerged, the nanotech spikes balance water as balls on their tips, ensuring the material itself never gets wet.

Enable emoji

It’s Apple cripples your 2.2 software update but hack it time! This time it’s the emoji, which only Japanese iphones got. So if you want it on your iphone or ipod, try the following: You need to edit the file /User/Library/Preferences/ on the device -> whether you use a jailbreak to achieve this or merely […]

e-gold spanked by US judicial system

In a surprise move, e-gold was dumped on by the US justice system because prosecution stated they must have known crooks were using the system to transfer money. Doesn’t this now mean that all banks in the US have to be slapped in the face, because, well, let’s face it – there are a load […]

[HowTo] Enable Street View on Touch 2.2

Because Apple are dicks and have disabled streetview on the 2.2 ipods in a pathetic attempt to make the iphone somehow more exclusive than the ipod, someone has had to come out and discover how to fix this 🙂 i’ve found the trigger so this is probably the easiest way for the time being… 1. […]


Pusher is an alternative way to push apps to the ipod / iphone without jailbraking it. It runs from a host PC / Mac, which will make it a lot friendlier for the average user. It does disable ssh, so if you like the part about it being a linux phone, you might not […]

Digital Photos Act as Unique Fingerprints

Just as each individual printer has unique qualities so you can see if a page was printed from it, each brand and model digital camera can be detected from the relationship of the pixels in an image to each other.

Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds

A bunch of Mexican scientists found that the makeup of tequilla is perfect for making diamond film from. The results were amazing, same as with the ethanol and water compound, we obtained almost spherical shaped diamonds of nanometric size. There is no doubt; tequila has the exact proportion of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms necessary […]

Potential Cure for AIDS

Some people have a natural resistance to HIV due to a genetic mutation. Dr. Hütter transplanted a HIV infected patient’s bone marrow with some from an immune person and the HIV virus, surprisingly, dissappeared. Now they’re looking into whether it’s a fluke or not.

Static Stretching

It turns out that static stretching – holding a stretch for 20 + seconds – causes you to lose around 30% of your muscle power. It also doesn’t help limber you up and thereby help prevent injuries. Dynamic stretching – stretching your muscles whilst keeping them moving – is much much better: you don’t lose […]

Mcor 3D printer

Mcor Technologies has a 3D printer which is remarkable in that it uses paper and glue to make the models. This makes the models themselves a whole load cheaper to produce, so you can print MOAR! The printers themselves are going to be sold for a “reasonable” price, whatever that is… They do have the […]

Italy wants to prosecute four Google Execs

Why? Because they own youtube. Which posted a video of a kid with Downs Syndrome being pestered. Why those four execs? No idea, really. Why they think the execs who provided the youtube service are liable for the content on it? That’s like saying knife manufacturers are personally responsible for every stabbing that has ever […]

Swimming with crocodiles

Swim between the crocs in Australia in a clear acrylic cage. Sounds like fun to me!

Wireless USB kit

It’s an easy system: you plug one end into your PC and you plug the other end (which can be bought seperately) into your USB thing, making it a wireless device. Prices seem reasonable.


OrbLive allows you to stream anything from your computer to your ipod / iphone. This means you don’t need it to be on your actual ipod to see it.

Saddam Hussein%u2019s body was stabbed

Apparently he was stabbed 4 times in the back and twice in the front, once in the heart, posthumously. Way to keep him dead! I wonder if they buried him in a concrete vault with a stake in his heart and huge signs in various languages telling people to KEEP THE FUCK OUT!

WPA cracked

From the guys who brought you aircrack-ng, now with WPA cracking abilities!

McCain & Obama both hacked

Apparently, during the campaign both camps were hacked and not by each other. According to the FB a third party copied huge amounts of files from their campaign servers. There is some speculation it’s a foreign power that could use the documents to see how decisions are made in the winners camp and use that […]

US Missle Sheild Upgrade

The missile shield will be upgraded by multiple kill vehicles being carried up by as a single payload in a rocket. There are two competing tenders: Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Lockheed guides the mini rockets from a central command unit, Raytheon’s system has each of the warheads acting as a seeker / controller in theory, […]

Laser Cinema Projectors

Previously lasers weren’t used for projection as they had a speckle effect. The Chinese Academy of Science has found that fusing three lasers (RGB) into a single white laser and then using traditional DLP technology to break the beam up into RGB again and the mirrors to put the picture onto the wall cancels this […]

USB Microscope

With 200x magninfication and 1600 x 1200 resolution this is quite something for only GBP 50

Android G1 is Jailbroken

So, should you want to do with it what you like – follow the link!

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