Enable emoji

It’s Apple cripples your 2.2 software update but hack it time! This time it’s the emoji, which only Japanese iphones got. So if you want it on your iphone or ipod, try the following: You need to edit the file /User/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Preferences.plist on the device -> whether you use a jailbreak to achieve this or merely Read more about Enable emoji[…]


Pusher is an alternative way to push installer.app apps to the ipod / iphone without jailbraking it. It runs from a host PC / Mac, which will make it a lot friendlier for the average user. It does disable ssh, so if you like the part about it being a linux phone, you might not Read more about Pusher[…]

Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds

A bunch of Mexican scientists found that the makeup of tequilla is perfect for making diamond film from. The results were amazing, same as with the ethanol and water compound, we obtained almost spherical shaped diamonds of nanometric size. There is no doubt; tequila has the exact proportion of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms necessary Read more about Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds[…]

Potential Cure for AIDS

Some people have a natural resistance to HIV due to a genetic mutation. Dr. Hütter transplanted a HIV infected patient’s bone marrow with some from an immune person and the HIV virus, surprisingly, dissappeared. Now they’re looking into whether it’s a fluke or not.

Italy wants to prosecute four Google Execs

Why? Because they own youtube. Which posted a video of a kid with Downs Syndrome being pestered. Why those four execs? No idea, really. Why they think the execs who provided the youtube service are liable for the content on it? That’s like saying knife manufacturers are personally responsible for every stabbing that has ever Read more about Italy wants to prosecute four Google Execs[…]