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Novelty seekers have less dopamine receptors

So people who tend to exhibit risky behaviours do so to increase the rate of dopamine firing in their brain. It’s a pysiological thing, to enjoy bungee jumping, drugs, sex, motorbikes, etc.

GSM Watch Phones

It’s GSM Watch phone week! The first is the Phenom Watch Phone which features a 1.3″ touchscreen you can operate with a stylus and has a seperate keypad. It’s feature packed and also has an MP3 & MP4, built in microphone and speakers, digital and video camera, Micro SD slot and built in Bluetooth. They […]

Sex offenders a US Subclass of human

Showing that there is no limit to how far the US is willing to push people around, they’re now forcing convicted sex offenders to submit their online email adresses and passwords. They’re allready forced to walk around and tell everyone in their environment they’re sex offenders, they have limited movement and that after they’re supposed […]

The Gecko project

These guys are making a shot of creating a app store like Android or Apple have for Windows Mobile programs.

DIY adjustable glasses

Some clever chappie (professor Silver) has designed a lens for your glasses that you can change the strength of the focal distance yourself – ie. no more optician! He does this by filling a membrane with water. Using in syringe with a dial you can put in more or take out some fluid, customising it […]

Nanoparticles Polish your teeth very very smoothly

Nanoparticles Make Surface Too Slippery For Bacteria To stick to

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is where you take a camera and overlay digital images on the picture. These pictures are then anchored to certain items, so when you’re looking at an object, you can see the digital addition, but if you move the camera, the digital addition stays with the object. ARToolKit is a system to build […]

EA learns from Spore DRM fiasco?!

EA is going full blown for the Steam distribution. There is allegedly no third party DRM on any of the games distributed this way (no SecuROM). They will apparently even be sending out patches allowing people to free up installation slots.

Licence plates

Two hacks are described here: 1) make a laserprinted copy of a license plate of your ‘enemy’, stick it on the back of your car and go zooming past speed cameras 2) cruise the neighbourhood for a similar car to yours, duplicate the license plate and drive around worry free.

Flash on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Well, a iphone Safari plugin that allows you to watch flv films. Which is pretty good 🙂

ml_ipod: Love llamas, Hate DRM.

ml_ipod: is a winamp plugin which allows you to copy your music, photo’s, etc, to your ipod through winamp. It doesn’t yet support write to ipod touch and iphone yet, but they’re hoping to get there. In the meantime it does support read from them…


Sharepod is an itunes alternative, if you’re just bothered about the music aspect of itunes. It’s very small and lightweight. Very nice!

Salvation Army not allowed to rattle tins

The UK is going nuts! Now no tin rattling – they’re afraid it might intimidate some precious morons or something…

PeerGuardian 2

Phoenix Labs » PeerGuardian 2 is an IP blocker that has most of the people in there that you don’t want accessing your IP, such as the RIAA and other fanatics with a history of randomly suing people with an internet connection.

Discovery Engine Works

Assemble your own 100 part car engine for $29.95

Discovery Jet-Works Engine

50 parts to assembe and then watch your own first jet go! Only $20.97

VLC Remote

VLC Remote allows you to open media files using your iphone as a remote.

it changes colours

This funky dock speaker system changes colours on command or automatically on a cycle. Groovy!

Are we too afraid of touch?

I’ve raised this issue a few times before: Park attendants being told to question people in parks (especially men) if they have no children or men in the US refusing to get near children in need due their being afraid of being branded a child molestor whilst in the UK everyone is banned from coming […]

Those funny simpsons pics? Childporn!

Those totally humourless Australians have branded a man a child pornographer for having cartoons of the Simpsons engaging in sex. That stretches is a bit for me!

UK DNA database deemed unlawful

The European Human Rights court in Strassbourg has decided that the UK DNA Database, which keeps the DNA data of people in it regardless of whether or not they have committed a crime and won’t let you out once you’re in, is in contravention of the basic right to privacy. Too right! You can’t just […]

Why Copyright Law needs to be done well

In Canada, they decided they didn’t want to go the same way as the Americans did, so a large outcry went against it. This contains a good analysis of why the Canadian consumers decided to say no and what the driving forces behind the publicity were.

UN takes the fight to Somalia

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution permitting member countries to enter the territorial waters of Somalia to fight piracy.

Antioxidants are unlikely to prevent aging

This is because free radicals don’t age you. This also means that most beauty products that are supposed to stop you from ageing, don’t work.

Laptop Cop

Uses Wireless triangulation to pinpoint where your device is and show it on a map. Never lose it again!

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