Sex offenders a US Subclass of human

Showing that there is no limit to how far the US is willing to push people around, they’re now forcing convicted sex offenders to submit their online email adresses and passwords. They’re allready forced to walk around and tell everyone in their environment they’re sex offenders, they have limited movement and that after they’re supposed Read more about Sex offenders a US Subclass of human[…]

Licence plates

Two hacks are described here: 1) make a laserprinted copy of a license plate of your ‘enemy’, stick it on the back of your car and go zooming past speed cameras 2) cruise the neighbourhood for a similar car to yours, duplicate the license plate and drive around worry free.

PeerGuardian 2

Phoenix Labs ยป PeerGuardian 2 is an IP blocker that has most of the people in there that you don’t want accessing your IP, such as the RIAA and other fanatics with a history of randomly suing people with an internet connection.