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Army Field Manuals

This is a huge list of the Army Field Manuals. From how to point a gun, to how to run an infantry brigade.

Het Grote Pipi boek

Here’s a big WTF from the low countries, Link goes to the whole book –

Measurement Lab Checks if Your Connection is Being Throttled

Three seperate tests which look at whether your ISP is fucking with you in their bandwidth allocation.

ex-NASA climate boss declares against global warming

This guy says he doesn’t believe in global warning and he should know his stuff. He was the boss of Hansen, the guy who crusades the man made global warming theory. Especially upsetting is that data sets were changed in a non-documented fashion, so we don’t know why or how the data was changed.

Photo of SpaceShipOne’s Cockpit

NSA had continuous surveillance on journalists

Using warrantless wiretaps, this shows you who gets targetted when you allow the police state to run amok.

Telemarketers, scam artists, making use of do-not-call list

This is a great example of why centralised databases are lousy: they get used for things they weren’t supposed to – in this case, for the exact opposite of why it was set up!

Scientists Teleport Information Between Ions a Meter Apart

This is the first time they’ve managed to teleport qubits between ions. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there!

Media Keyboard 2 Media Player

Winamps’ atrocious lack of keyboard support has had me up in arms. Unfortunately the other media players suffer from the same malady. This little proggie adds that much needed support for you to most popular media players.

It’s all about content quality!

All those greedy content producers trying to hang on to their old delivery and economic models by their fingernails must be crying about this: Monty Python decided to put all their content onto YouTube for free and in high quality with links to their stuff. This raised their sales by 23000%. So it’s not about […]

Optical Illusion Candlestick

All you have to do is pay your money, send your picture and they’ll send it to you in your choice of material.

TNO says Piracy doesn’t lead to decreased sales

TNO is the Netherland’s premier research institution and these guys should know what they’re saying. They make the point that pirates turn out to be the biggest paying consumers too. It’s time for people to change their business model, instead of scapegoating their best customers!

iPod Touch mounted on M110 Sniper Rifle

Mounting the ipod on the rifle and then adding the external ballistics calculator app Bullet Flight, allows you to set bullet profiles and enter environment information.

Clippy – Finally Copy & Paste!

It’s called Clippy and can be found in the ispazio Cydia repo. So… only for jailbroken ipods!

This is why law enforcement is trained

With airline personell being able to dictate what they think is ‘terrorist’ behavior without any training qualifying them to do so, what we get is at least 208 people being prosecuted as terrorists for raising their voice, spanking their children or basically causing the crew any kind of headache whatsoever.

Dutch RIAA wants money for embedded video

The Buma/Stemra thinks that if you link to a video of an artist from a site which allready runs the video (for free, such as from youtube) you should pay them so they can hoard the money and then presumably not give it to the artist who put their work up in such a way […]


This is some amazing software that will make your psp (custom firmware) run as an extra windows monitor / display. Apparently it’s also possible to tether the playstation to your PC with wifi instead of USB…

Invisibility-Cloak Breakthrough

Ah yes, invisible cloaks! I keep covering this, in the hope the technology will finally mature at some point. There’s loads of technologies to choose from Now, the metamaterias gang has produced a cloak measuring 10 x 50 cm It bends waveforms in a large range of frequencies and is very low loss. They’ve developed […]

Windows for warships under virus

The Royal Navy has only lauchend it’s conversion to Windows for Warships a month ago or so, and allready they’re infected by virusses! Not that it would have been any different if it had been OS X for warships (yes, macheads, you do in fact get virusses too) but still… who didn’t see that coming?!

Dutch RIAA boss is insane

The Dutch version of the RIAA is called Brein. Tim Kuik has gone and stated in a newspaper that any time anything is downloaded for free, it’s illegal. Of course others are blasting the patent idiocy of that statement, so I don’t have to.

Emperor Workstation

Only $40,000

Get 5 Column iPhone/iPod Touch Pages

Very usefull if you have filled up your 9 pages of icons. Download from Cydia: MobileSubstrate MobileTerminal Ruby Ericas Utilities Download To Computer:(if one doesn’t work try the ther) Link 1: Link 2: How to ssh:…151 MobileTerminal Commands: ru root password: alpine dpkg -i fcsb-054.deb


Kind of like Keepon but furrier

Biometric passports agreed to in EU

Yup, they will brand your passport with your fingerprint, thereby putting your prints into a huge central database together with the criminals. Does it make you safer? Nope. It’s easy to forge fingerprints.

Eyelash growing drug

Allergan has gone and invented a drug called Latisse that will make your eyelashes and more prominent.

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