This is some amazing software that will make your psp (custom firmware) run as an extra windows monitor / display. Apparently it’s also possible to tether the playstation to your PC with wifi instead of USB…

Windows for warships under virus

The Royal Navy has only lauchend it’s conversion to Windows for Warships a month ago or so, and allready they’re infected by virusses! Not that it would have been any different if it had been OS X for warships (yes, macheads, you do in fact get virusses too) but still… who didn’t see that coming?!

Get 5 Column iPhone/iPod Touch Pages

Very usefull if you have filled up your 9 pages of icons. Download from Cydia: MobileSubstrate MobileTerminal Ruby Ericas Utilities Download To Computer:(if one doesn’t work try the ther) Link 1: Link 2: How to ssh:…151 MobileTerminal Commands: ru root password: alpine dpkg -i fcsb-054.deb