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Best Long Takes

Some of these takes are long… really really long. No editing crap, just one, pure, heavy take.

Design your own baby!

Of course these guys, The Fertility Clinics, are under fire from all kinds of people who don’t think we aught mess with things we know not wot of, but in any case this is clever: Choose your babies gender, eye and hair colour, as well as checking for diseases, all through the wonders of modern […]

Mind reading with MRI

By hooking up an MRI and looking at the visual cortex whilst the subject looks at an object creates a pattern. When the subject recalls that object in short term memory, you can recognise that pattern and tell what object the subject is thinking of. This has 2 implications: 1) We can read a specific […]

OneSwarm: Privacy preserving P2P

Although widely used, currently popular peer-to-peer (P2P) applications are limited by a lack of user privacy. By design, services like BitTorrent and Gnutella share data with anyone that asks for it, allowing a third-party to systematically monitor8 user behavior. As a result, P2P networks can only be safely used by those comfortable with wholly public […]

Eyewitness identification severly unreliable

It’s been known for some time that eyewitnesses to an unpredictable and violent event have differing and even conflicting memories and testimonials of the event. Interestingly they also suffer from a deep need to conform: eyewitnesses put before a line-up will point out a person if they’ve been told that one of the line-up has […]

Web Video Cheat Sheet

This is a huge huge list of video sharing websites you can use as a YouTube alternative.

USB Motion Detector

How to turn a motion detector into a USB device that will lauch a multimedia presentation.

New hole in secure sockets layer

Moxie Marlinspike has thought up a new method of doing man in the middle, he’s calling SSLstrip. will give you back the celestial coordinates of an image of the sky you upload to them.

At your command manequin lamps


Get your car to agree to the EULA

This is so simple, it’s absolutely brilliant! If you don’t want to agree with something you’re not going to read, you can use the fravia method to hack the software to switch the buttons, so you press the ‘disagree’ button. But this takes time and effort. Alternatively, you could use a bit of cardboard and […]

Oberthur SIMSense

And why not put an accellerometer on the SIM card?

Card counting

I’m pretty sure they won’t be too happy with you if you use it in a casino!

Don’t take too many pictures in Commie UK

You could be thought of as performing reconnaisance for terrorist (hey! that word again – what does it mean, nowadays?) acts. Especially don’t take any pictures of the police. No, not even if they’re committing atrocities. You’ll get busted with a 10 year incarceration or unspecified fines.

Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant

The procedure is still to dangerous to be used routinely – around 1/3rd of people die during the op, but this guy, who was transplanted with a mutated form of stem cells (with crippled CCR5 receptors, without which most forms of HIV can’t latch on to the cells, lending a natural immunity) made it and […]

Haiku: The BeOS Successor

Here’s hoping that Haiku can keep it up where BeOS didn’t make it. That was an awesome OS.

Drive-by Passport Cloning

This guy has built a proof-of-concept machine for around $250,- which allows you to remotely read RFID chips in passports and then clone them. There’s a video of the machine in action as well.

Lords say surveillance society erodes foundations of UK %u2022 The Register

It seems the only ones with their heads screwed on straight in the UK are the Lords – a non-elected body of oversight on government that are appointed by the queen or by right of birth. It ain’t such a bad thing, having other people checking up on the elected twits. The House of Lords […]

OwnerIQ: Product user manuals, help, forums tips and tutorials.

Very usefull, huge collection of manuals about just about everything.

Another DIY Ring Flash Project

This one is for the flash on your camera, and uses fibre optics to create the ring directly around the lens. It goes for $5,-

Fences: Desktop Icon Organizer

This makes little transparent windows on your desktop to organise your icons in.

Formula 1 Cars getting KERS

Kinetic Energy Recovery System, stores the energy created by regenerative breaking and stores it in a battery. When the driver presses a button, he gets a turbo boost as the energy store is emptied onto the drivetrain. This system gives him up to 6.5s of turbo boost per lap.

Iran Joins the Space countries

Iran is now one of the few countries with a space programme, capable of launching satellites into space. Of course, the US is now worried that they have developed it specifically to rain down EMP weapons on them.

Ipod Touch 2G Jailbreak on Windows

So, they’ve finally done it. It’s not automated, because it’s a tethered jailbreak: ie. every time you reboot, you have to go through this whole process again, but it’s a jailbreak. Dev Team is still working on unlocking the bootrom. When they do that, they’ll automate the process. It is not easy, but it is […]


So I have this bee in my bonnet about wikipedia being used for anything at all. Why? Because it’s not peer reviewed: it’s user reviewed, with users with the most reviews having the most powers – even if they make nonsense edits on things they know nothing about. Then there’s the political infighting and the […]

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