OneSwarm: Privacy preserving P2P

Although widely used, currently popular peer-to-peer (P2P) applications are limited by a lack of user privacy. By design, services like BitTorrent and Gnutella share data with anyone that asks for it, allowing a third-party to systematically monitor8 user behavior. As a result, P2P networks can only be safely used by those comfortable with wholly public Read more about OneSwarm: Privacy preserving P2P[…]

Eyewitness identification severly unreliable

It’s been known for some time that eyewitnesses to an unpredictable and violent event have differing and even conflicting memories and testimonials of the event. Interestingly they also suffer from a deep need to conform: eyewitnesses put before a line-up will point out a person if they’ve been told that one of the line-up has Read more about Eyewitness identification severly unreliable[…]

Lords say surveillance society erodes foundations of UK %u2022 The Register

It seems the only ones with their heads screwed on straight in the UK are the Lords – a non-elected body of oversight on government that are appointed by the queen or by right of birth. It ain’t such a bad thing, having other people checking up on the elected twits. The House of Lords Read more about Lords say surveillance society erodes foundations of UK %u2022 The Register[…]

Formula 1 Cars getting KERS

Kinetic Energy Recovery System, stores the energy created by regenerative breaking and stores it in a battery. When the driver presses a button, he gets a turbo boost as the energy store is emptied onto the drivetrain. This system gives him up to 6.5s of turbo boost per lap.