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Weatherpoof Timelapse Garden Video Camera

A lovely piece of hardware that takes 1280×1024 pictures at customisable intervals for only $159.99

Women’s lust for shopping linked to periods

In the 10 days before the actual ovulation, women go nuts – because they need to offset the negative feelings and because they want to look at their best when they’re able to make babies. So, the week before they go – take away their credit cards!

Action games ‘improve eyesight’

Specifically, they improve contrast sensitivity. The effects last quite some time after having played the games.

UN votes that ripping the piss out of muslims is illegal

Apparently these followers of the paedophile prophet are so worried about people blackmouthing them, they feel that the UN needs to encourage its members to outlaw free speech. Of course if I was a member of a religion mainly implemented in a way to keep the masses stupid and opressed, I wouldn’t want my people […]

Apple bakes the cake and eats it

Apple has decreed that any user may buy an application and have it refunded within 90 days – but that Apple will keep the protection money – euhm commission. So who pays the commission? The developer!

Jim Webb vs The US Prisons

For the land of the free, it’s a bit strange that the US has 25% of the global prison population – whilst only having 5% of the total population. Where Stalin had his gulags, the US is doing much much worse with its prisons. It has more of its own population behind bars than any […]

PETA’s Pet Slaughterhouse

Quite incredibly it seems that not only did PETA only find homes for 7 out of some 2216 animals given into it’s care over 2008, it killed the rest! Of course, in order to showcase just how inhumane people can be, they went and killed a whole load of animals to make commercials showing how […]

Neurosky Mindset Hands-on: Brainwave Gameplay!

I’ve been writing about mind controllers for years now but we’re finally seeing some movement in the market. Neurosky finally has their unit ready for production, and has launched an SDK for developers. They’re also looking to use their technology in a wide variety of settings such as cars. Find out here!

The Mig Factory

Who’d have thought it? Pictures of the MiG factory online for all to see!

Wireless stun gun

This is like a taser without wires. It has a maximum range of 27m.

EcoDrain high performance shower heat exchange

This is a simple piece of hardware you put under your shower drain, which transfers heat from hot shower waste water to cold incoming water. This cuts water heater use by 25%-40%. It has no moving parts This seems like a very easy and effective way to save money.

Deutsche SS Storm Wikileaks owners’ house

The German government has stormed Wikileaks’ owners house for ‘distribution of pornographic material’ after Wikileaks published the censorship lists of Australia and several other countries. Is this a sign of the rising of the Fourth Reich – nip the opposers voices in the buds for complete control of your remaining, potty trained and scared shitless […]

Rootkits in generic BIOS

This has been proof of concepted to work on any BIOS, not just specific types. Fdisking your HD is now not enough!

The UK will lose your data one way or another

If the government isn’t handing out your personal data on USB sticks, laptops or just through their unsecure own networks, they’ll dump computers containing your hospital and patient data unencrypted on the streets for you to take home with you. They can’t give it away fast enough! Now, let’s make a database with all the […]

OnLive Streaming

This is quite clever: OnLive has a huge cluster setup lonline which runs the latest games for you, so you can have a low power piece of hardware running the latest games at blistering speeds.

HP Offers Free Flash Security Scanner

HP SWFScan, a free tool developed by HP Web Security Research Group, will automatically find security vulnerabilities in applications built on the Flash platform. Register now to download FREE HP SWFScan and start securing your Flash applications

Brando Gadgets

This online store in Hong Kong only charges $3,- for worldwide shipping and features a dizzying array of USB gadgets. The selection of USB hubs alone is totally astounding, but the amount of other USB stuff they have is completely insane. Happy shopping!

Australia hates freedom too!

Yup, the Australians have a censorship list of websites that they’re blocking. The actual list is secret, but has now been unearthed! And – surprise surprise – it contains a whole load of sites that aren’t supposed to be on the list, such as legitimate businesses (who must have gotten on the wrong side of […]

UK won’t remember D-Day

How to shame your WWII veterans: don’t attend the D-day anniversary, or fund the 500 remaining troops the trip to attend. The UK prime minister, Gordon Brown, won’t be attending and claims sending the vets there will be too expensive. There will be no official recognition from London, even though the US, French and even […]

Cartoons of children and sex to be illegal in the UK

The bill, as it stands, would make it a criminal offence to possess (cartoon) pictures of children participating in sexual activities, or present whilst sexual activity took place How silly is that then? You can’t have a drawing of a child in the neighbourhood of sex? Well, that makes the drawer of Bart Simpson with […]

Video: Terrafugia’s flying car lifts off

Finally, one that looks like it’ll make it to production!

Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.0

Quite cleverly, before the release of iphone OS 3.0, it has allready been jailbroken. OS 3 will finally add such basic concepts such as MMS and copy and paste – only around 2 years after the release of the thing – as well as a search feature. Wow. Basic functionalities. About bloody time. Oh. And […]

Dutch courts going the way of shut the fuck up

A Dutch forum – – where you can post if you’ve been scammed or otherwise treated badly by an internet shop, has been held responsible for the posts depicting Trendylaarzen as a crap shop. Even though the court didn’t rule there were any inaccuracies in the posts, they did say that there was malicious […]

Calibre Helps You Manage Your Extensive E-Book Collection

This works with a whole range of ebooks. It has a webserver so you can access it from outside, and converts formats as well as RSS feeds into books. It also works with Kindle and Stanza (for ipod)

MoviX2 Creates a Bootable, Self-Playing Video

It creates an Iso which you can burn to cd or thumbdrive. Boot off that and you’re playing your video!

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