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Gawker Ordered To Pay Hulk Hogan $115 Million In Sex Tape Lawsuit – wait, how much?

In a closely watched trial by the media community, shortly after 7pm on Friday night, and less than six hours after starting deliberations, the jury sided with ex-pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and awarded him $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker Media. The trial lasted two weeks. The award consists of $55 million […]

Humanity will only buy 47 smartphones per SECOND in 2016

Last year we bought 44 per second, but growth has slowed so its frowning time […] Prognostication-producers Gartner reckon the disappointing start to 2016 will continue for smartphone makers, with the year to end a mere seven per cent ahead of 2015. If it’s accurate, that would translate to 1.5 billion units for the year […]

Samsung Adds More Ads to Its TVs

The world’s largest maker of TVs by shipments added new tile ads to the main menu bar of its premium TVs in the U.S. in June 2015 and is planning to expand the program to Europe in coming months, people familiar with the matter said. […] according to one of these people, and by using […]

Italian Military to Save Up to 29 Million Euro by Migrating to LibreOffice

Following on last year’s bold announcement that they will attempt to migrate from proprietary Microsoft Office products to an open-source alternative like LibreOffice, Italy’s Ministry of Defense now expects to save up to 29 million Euro with this move. We said it before, and we’ll say it again, this is the smartest choice a government […]

Panama Papers – why are people hiding their money offshore anyway?

So, with the Panama papers, governments are cracking down on tax dodgers. In the Netherlands the minister wants to increase the penalty for giving up your hidden funds to 300% plus back taxes plus interest. The claim is that it’s not fair, because poor people don’t have enough money to dodge taxes and so have […]

With just 3 games, Supercell made $924M in profits on $2.3B in revenue in 2015

The company made profits (before certain items) of €848 million, or $964 million, on revenues of €2.109 billion, or $2.326 billion. That compares to earnings before income tax, depreciation, and amortization of €515 million, or $592 million, in 2014, on revenues of €1.545 billion, or $1.777 billion. The company also paid a dividend of €14 […]

The Jobs Most Likely to Be Taken Over by Robots In the Near Future

The World Economic Forum expects automation and robots will eliminate 5.1 million jobs within the next five years. That’s a scary thought, especially if you have one of these jobs that could theoretically be done more efficiently (and for less cost) with an automated machine. Source: The Jobs Most Likely to Be Taken Over by […]

Here’s How Much Celebrities Make in the Instagram Product Placement Machine

A nice list! It turns out to run from around $1000 to $3000 depending on how many followers you have. Source: Here’s How Much Celebrities Make in the Instagram Product Placement Machine

Oracle blurts Google’s Android secrets in court: You made $22bn using Java, punk

And Google paid Apple $1bn to put its search into iPhones An Oracle lawyer has blurted out in court how much money Google has made from Android – figures that the web giant has fiercely fought to keep secret. And those numbers are: US$31bn in revenue, and US$22bn in profit, since 2008, when Android was […]

Here’s What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage

Dan Price decided to pay all 120 employees at least $70,000. Grown men cried. Profits soared. Then things got really crazy. Source: Here’s What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage

Bitcoin is Exempt from VAT, Rules European Court of Justice – it’s a currency

Bitcoin transactions will be exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled. Source: Bitcoin is Exempt from VAT, Rules European Court of Justice

The safe, user-friendly way to be a little drug lord: economic secrets of the dark web

A fascinating economic look at how drugs are sold and bought on the dark web and what their growth potential is. Source: The safe, user-friendly way to be a little drug lord: economic secrets of the dark web

How Washington State Could Turn Aircraft Carriers Into Bridges

Washington State just received federal funds to study a totally unique toll bridge concept, one made out of decommissioned US Navy Super Carriers. The bridge would consist of two or three carriers and would link Bremerton and Port Orchard, Washington, spanning the Sinclair Inlet. apparently they are fighting an uphill battle but what an […]

Republican Senators Just Voted To Sell Off US National Forests

SA 838 is a budgetary amendment which backs support for and funding of state efforts to take over federal land. It was part of a larger debate over the 2016 fiscal year federal budget. While yes, its language does note that it’s impossible to sell National Parks, National Monuments and National Preserves (which enjoy extraordinary […]

How the Pentagon Lost Track of $45 Billion in Afghanistan

Since 2002, Congress has set aside $104 billion specifically to rebuild Afghanistan. Of that, $66 billion went to the Pentagon. Recently, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction asked the military to account for all that spending. It couldn’t. According to a new report from SIGAR, the Pentagon only knows how it spent a third […]

Toyota understands that patents stifle innovation, allows the use of Hydrogen Fuel Cell patents royalty free to foster innovation

Toyota is opening the door to the hydrogen future, making available thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents royalty free. Announced today at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, this Toyota initiative will spur development and introduction of innovative fuel cell technologies around the world. Toyota will invite royalty-free use of approximately 5,680 fuel cell related patents […]

United Airlines and Orbitz resort to suing which is better and takes advantage of airlines’ stupid fee structure found out that you can buy a cheaper ticket from A – B if you buy a ticket to C where B is a stop on the way (A – B – C) and then just get off at B. For example, a customer buying a ticket from New York to Los Angeles, where […]

Bitcoin-mining company Butterfly Labs shut down by FTC

Company marketed specialized computers designed to produce the cryptocurrency but delivered useless machines, according to an FTC complaint. via Bitcoin-mining company Butterfly Labs shut down by FTC – CNET.

FAA Bans Planesharing Startups

Airpooler – an Uber for plane rides – fucked up private pilots in the US flying people to destinations for the price of fuel (and so to get their hours) by asking the FAA for clarification of a 1964 rule. The FAA clarification not only extends to ride sharing services, but also to the old […]

Recruiters look at your CV like this: Eye tracking study

Interestingly, recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume! They spend that time looking at: Name Current title / company Previous title / company Previous position start and end dates Current position start and end dates Education If you add a picture, they spend 19% of that time looking at the picture, not the […]

36% of people still don’t realise that Google Adwords are ads | Econsultancy

This time, 36% of people tested still do not realise that Google Adwords are ads. Furthermore, about a quarter of people don’t know that Google had any advertising at all. And this despite the yellow text box proclaiming ‘ads’. via 36% of people still don't realise that Google Adwords are ads | Econsultancy.

Drones being used for package delivery by criminals

In November 2013: There have been local reports of a mini helicopter drone dropping 250 grams worth of what is thought to be cocaine onto a Brazilian prison. According to Brazilian news source Globo, the prison, Centro de Detenção Provisória 1 is 60 miles north of São José dos Campos and currently holds 1,605 prisoners. […]

Bitcoin Now on Bloomberg trading terminals

Bitcoin Now on Bloomberg | Blog | Bloomberg L.P..

Silk Road repaying its $2.7m BTC hacked loss to affected customers

This is an incredible story: The Silk Road 2.0 decided not to fold and has been repaying customers that lost their BTC by randomly assigning service costs BTC to duped customers instead of paying it out to staff. How Silk Road Bounced Back from Its Multimillion-Dollar Hack | Motherboard.

The Netherlands Must Outlaw Downloading, EU Court Rules

This will probably cost the copyright owners millions, because the current system won’t work any more. Considering studies keep showing that freely shared content sells better than DRM content, copyright will shoot itself further in the foot. Well done on furthering shortsighted, US business interests, EU. The Netherlands Must Outlaw Downloading, EU Court Rules (Update) […]

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