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Contact Lens LCD Display

Ghent University’s centre of microsystems technology has developed a spherical curved LCD display which can be embedded in contact lenses and handle projected images using wireless technology. “Now that we have established the basic technology, we can start working towards real applications, possibly available in only a few years,” said Professor Herbert De Smet. Unlike […]

An internet of airborne things

The plan is to use autonomous airborne drones to fly around carrying physical payloads up to 2kg with a network of base stations upon which drones can land and replace their batteries. It’ll be run on the same principles as TCP/IP and allow for intelligent routing of ‘packets’ (aircraft). Monitor: An internet of airborne things […]

A-RAM, advanced memory storage

Spanish scientists design a revolutionary data storage device.

self-filling water bottle

Deckard Sorenson has found a way to coat a surface with hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, and then uses a fan to pass air over the surface. The water condenses on the surface and, eventually, Sorenson has created a self-filling water bottle. Scientist takes inspiration from natural world to create self-filling water bottle | PRI.ORG.

Triggertrap | Creative ways of triggering your camera

Triggertrap | Creative ways of triggering your camera. This consists of a dongle and an app for iphone / android

Completely Awesome Microfiber Cloth

This article sold me on the Cloth Addiction microfiber cloth. Hopefully they’ll send some to Europe. The Overhyped, Dumbly Named, Completely Awesome Microfiber Cloth.

LG flexible cable battery

LG Chem says it has a cable-type lithium-ion battery that is so flexible it can be tied in knots and worn as a bracelet or woven into textiles. For mobile device designers, the eventual commercial production of such a battery would be a very big deal in reducing design constraints. Flexible batteries have been created […]

DIY Solar Panel Backpack

A guide to set up solar panels on your backpack and use a USB hub to charge your gadgets I am » Solar Panel Backpack.

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard for PC

This $300,- bit of kit has a touchscreen, adjustable pads, removable bits, is easy to program for macros and is made from metal. i via Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard for PC.

Inside iRobot’s Vault of Failed Experimental Robots

A very diverse set of robots doing all kinds of tasks Inside iRobot's Vault of Failed Experimental Robots.

Researchers develop low-cost device to control computer with your eyes (w/ Video)

Researchers develop low-cost device to control computer with your eyes (w/ Video).

Corsair Hydro Series affordable CPU water Coolers

These will only set you back around $100,- and will run quietly, much less noise than a fan system. Corsair Hydro Series CPU Coolers — give you the power of liquid cooling without the complexity of traditional water cooling kits in a compact, easy-to-install package.

Robotic pets

The world of robotic pets is a large and varied one. The central place for finding out about them is here: – The Complete Database of Interactive and Robotic Pets. There are a few that stand out, however: Wowwee, makers of the robosapien have two lines that are very interesting: The Alive baby animals […]

Fuel Nozzle Drip Retainer

The fuel nozzle drip retainer is a simple yet innovative way of saving millions of litres of fuel on a global scale. Anyone who has pumped fuel before has noticed the drops that fall to the ground after you’ve removed the nozzle from the vehicle. We’ve designed a method of retaining these drops, which initiates […]

GoPro Camera Tips and Techniques

Peter Jennings is an inventor who has built loads of stuff for the Go Pro Hero camera’s, such as a programmable time lapse controller, panoramic mounts, external power using the back door of the casing and DIY wireless remote controllers. Very worth looking at the hacks he has if you own a Go-Pro. GoPro Camera […]

Scotland Yard deploys mobile fingerprint devices

Britain’s largest force says it has distributed 350 of the cell phone-sized devices to officers across various parts of London, part of a nationwide rollout championed by Britain’s National Policing Improvement Agency. via Scotland Yard deploys mobile fingerprint devices. So will they store all precessed fingerprints? How quickly will they be removed from the physical […]

Taming Gadget Cables: 30 Holders & Organizers You Can Buy

This is an excellent array of methods to keep your cables organised. Taming Gadget Cables: 30 Holders & Organizers You Can Buy. You can buy most of them at The Container Store Twisty cable IDs / Helix Q Knot Cable Zipper Cable tie kit Velcro cable ties Unfortunately this shop doesn’t work in Firefox and […]

Charge devices using your clothes

This technique by Intelligent Textiles has been developed for military purposes, but can obviously have benefits for everyone. Using a central battery pack, wiring is woven in such a way that it can charge several items at once. “One of the problems with conventional cables is that breakages can be catastrophic. What we do here […]

Epson ships Moverio BT-100 Android see-through glasses – SlashGear

Epson America has announced it is now shipping the world’s first Android-based see-through wearable display called the Moverio BT-100. These things look like glasses a high-tech Ray Charles might wear. The glasses use micro projection technology and a track pad that is Android-based to allow the wearer to enjoy video and other digital content on […]

2D Heat invisibility cloak created

Anywhere that heat control is an issue, such as microchips or spaceships, this discovery allows the heat to be diffused around an invisibility zone, which allows for much better heat management. 'Thermal cloak' designed, could solve major chip, spacecraft issues • The Register.

Caddytrek | The first automated golf caddy

The innovative CaddyTrek automated golf caddy from FTR Systems is here! Using a pocket-sized sensor, the CaddyTrek will follow in your footsteps and avoid obstacles with ease. The Caddytrek is compact and lightweight, so it’s a breeze to unfold and refold it with only one person. Caddytrek | The first automated golf caddy, Caddytrek will […]

Ion Wireless Air Mouse Glove

BELLCO VENTURES – Home. Only $80,-

Reliable wireless bicycle brake – could be used in trains, planes, automobiles

Cebit 2012: The wireless bicycle brake, a prototype on an exciting mission.

Head Up Displays for you car

The landscape for car HUDs has changed dramatically over the last year, so here is a short overview for what’s possible. Microvision: Head Up Displays. Microvision supplies a Pico projector which uses laser projection to project onto a car. It works during daytime and doesn’t need a film to be added to the glass. AAXA […]

Open Mesh | Cloud-Managed Wireless Networks

Open Mesh sells access nodes and gateways to create WiFi coverage over large areas or inside buildings. The management software is cloud based and it’s all quite affordable and feature rich. Open Mesh | Cloud-Managed Wireless Networks.

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