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Pibow Rainbow – Raspberry Pi Case

Raspberry Pi case The case is crafted out of seven unique layers with a transparent top and base. Each layer is laser cut from colourful high-quality cast acrylic and once stacked they securely contain a Raspberry Pi while leaving the primary ports, including the CSI camera port, accessible. via Pibow Rainbow – Pimoroni.

Airider – floating vacuum cleaner

No more scratching your floors – whatever, it’s a flying vacuum cleaner! For $257,-!!! Our Product.

Heat the base of a snowboard and it’ll go faster

Acoustic Cloaking Device Hides Objects from Sound | Duke Pratt School of Engineering

It’s an invisibility cloak for SONAR! It doesn’t look like it can be used for ships or subs though, as it’s in the shape of a pyramid… Acoustic Cloaking Device Hides Objects from Sound | Duke Pratt School of Engineering.

DIY Radar

But today we can use the good stuff that, until recently, was only available to military: radar. In this post we will discuss how radar works, commercially available small radar devices, and where to learn more to help make it easy to add radar to your next project. via Guest Post: Try Radar for Your […]

Programmable Bluetooth Button | Griffin Technology screws up total awesome :'(

Tthis amazingly awesome, wonderful and fantastic human interface device, whcih allows you to scroll, scrub, glow and click completely fails because you can only use it on Mac. Who uses Macs any more?

ProJet 4500 – full colour 3d printing

The industry’s only continuous tone full-color plastic 3D printer Combine the Power of Vibrant Full Color With Durable Plastic Materials The ProJet® 4500 gives you the power to make ready-to-use, flexible, strong parts, colored pixel by pixel, with superior surface quality. This office-friendly 3D printer is quick and efficient, and features intuitive operation controls, so […]

Build a Cheap Home Automation System in 10 Minutes with Ninja Blocks

Home security and automation are rarely mentioned in the same sentence as the word cheap, but it’s totally possible if you’re willing to do a few things yourself. We checked out a $200 DIY kit called Ninja Blocks, and were able to get a home automation and security system up and running in about 10 minutes. […]

Electrode recreates all four tastes on your tongue

Signals that reproduce the four well-known major taste components – salt, sweet, sour, bitter – are transmitted through a silver electrode touching the tip of the tongue. The taste receptors are fooled by a varying alternating current and slight changes in temperature controlled by semiconductor elements that heat and cool very rapidly.

Wireless Device Converts “Lost” Energy such as WiFi signals into Electric Power

Using inexpensive materials configured and tuned to capture microwave signals, researchers at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering have designed a power-harvesting device with efficiency similar to that of modern solar panels. The device wirelessly converts the microwave signal to direct current voltage capable of recharging a cell phone battery or other small electronic device, […]

Fact or fiction: What affects Wi-Fi speed? | Macworld

Turns out DIY wifi extenders really do work! Fact or fiction: What affects Wi-Fi speed? | Macworld.

bibitel Sim Skin for cheap mobile roaming

These guys have a sticker SIM card which you stick over your existing SIM card. Once you’re roaming, it intercepts the call and re routes it to it’s own services. These are way cheaper than the roaming costs of the company you are using. Once you’re back, you are using your own provider. bibitel :: […]

MIT team shows system that tracks people through walls better than wifi triangulation

A team of researchers at MIT have been working this year on a system that can track people through walls with impressive accuracy using radio waves. The team showed the system earlier this month. IDG News Service made a video of the demo, which took place at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Laboratory (CSAIL) in […]

Avegant Virtual Retinal Display

Avegant has produced this device, a wearable prototype he simply calls the Virtual Retinal Display for now. It could be most closely compared to the Oculus Rift, a full-field wearable display that presents a 3D image to the wearer. However, where the Rift cunningly relies on a single LCD panel and some simple optics to work […]

D2 Pilot Watch | Garmin

Direct-to and Nearest buttons that utilize a worldwide airport database Altimeter with adjustable baro setting and compass Displays multiple time zones with Zulu/UTC reference Various timers and vibrating alerts for inflight task reminders Wirelessly receives flight plan from Garmin Pilot™ and controls VIRB™

Huwei SD Card takes SIM card for HSPA+ 3G

So you don’t need a USB dongle, just an SD card in your slot. This SD Card Is Hiding a Mifi Inside.

pmd camboard pico gesture technology

This system is like the leap motion, but has a 3d spacial interface, giving you an extra axis and more control. It also follows your whole finger instead of the fingertips. pmd technologies

Lynx camera – create 3D models

DIY Oculus Rift, Guide to Build Your Own

Lomography’s Smartphone Scanner Digitizes Film Right To Your Mobile Device

It will only cost $60 to digitise your film negatives gizmodo

Thermodo unveils a mercury-free way to measure air temperature on your smartphone

It consists of a sensor that sends an audio signal to a dongle in your audio jack. They have an open source sdk so you can take the temp and do what you like with it. Thermodo

3Doodler – 3D printing pen

It’s a pen that can draw in 3D and make real objects! The 3Doodler.

thought controlled, feeling bionic hand

The wiring of his new bionic hand will be connected to the patient’s nervous system with the hope that the man will be able to control the movements of the hand as well as receiving touch signals from the hand’s skin sensors. Dr Micera said that the hand will be attached directly to the patient’s […]

Wireless Multifunction Mini Router / Repeater / Access Point / Client / Bridge

This Satechi mini router is tiny, portable and offers a whole lot of functionalities. The price is $49,99 normally, but it’s being offered for $39,99 now. youtube film here Wireless Multifunction Mini Router / Repeater / Access Point / Client / Bridge.

Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death

Breathing sensors built into romper suits could help prevent sudden cot deaths in the future. The basis for this is a stretchable printed circuit board that fits to the contours of the body and can be manufactured using routine industrial processes. Read more at: Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death.

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