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Bluetooth Pentesting Suite

Bluediving is a suite that implements attacks like Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf++, BlueSmack and features like bluetooth address spoofing.

Fight Back – kill RFID!

Two methods of defeating RFID: The easy way – use tape to block the chip or The violent way – zap them (plans will be released at some point) using a modified single use camera

Retrieve data off broken harddrives

If it’s borked you can fix it – I’ve opened these things up but never expected to get them to run again afterwards – apparently you CAN transplant the platters 🙂

ID Fraud Lord Buckingham

BBC and el Reg are running great stories about some guy who read Day of the Jackal and decided to find a dead baby, take his birth certificate, open a bank account, get a passport – and live as this baby for 23 years! Of course, he had to go and take a fictional title […]

Sony installs a rootkit on your system

The bastards! Mark’s Sysinternals was playing around with RootkitRevealer and discovered that Sony installs its own media player on your PC, reroutes windows systems calls and hides itself to limit the amount of copies that can be made of the disc. Now you could call it DRM I guess, but if you try to remove […]

MySpace Worm

Samy posted a piece of very cleverly crafted stuff on his profile in MySpace, which basically made everyone who saw his profile add the same code to their profile, and add Samy to their friendslist together with some text. This shows the fragility of browsers when using AJAX to code sites, despite some fairly complicated […]

Sniff traffic by listening to keyboard clicks

What makes the technique feasible is that each keystroke makes a relatively distinct sound, however subtle, when hit. Typical users type about 300 characters per minute, leaving enough time for a computer to isolate the sounds of individual keystrokes and categorize the letters based upon the statistical characteristics of English text. For example, the letters […]

Windows Genuine check cracked

That didn’t take long… around 1 day in fact – Windows checks during the update to see if you’re a legitimate user, forcing you to click yes, continue, of course, appy, thanks, I agree, next, etc. Of course if that kind of useless clicking pisses you off, you could just use these scripts to circumvent […]

A Secret Service

A totally new look at how to keep a secure list of passwords: broadcast them live on webradio to the world! A Secret Service invites you to submit your passwords and a timestamp for storage on the Secret Service website. It is then translated (text-to-speech), automated and broadcasted via webradio and live at Mediamatic Groundfloor […]

Homebuilt Aircon

Not quite as effective, but it only costs $30 or so…

Bluetooth hacked – again

Well, if you fake your ID to that of a trusted device and pair with another device, you get a key sent, which you can crack in 0.06 seconds. Feed it in and you don’t have to enter the PIN. Oops.

Wireless PSP house control hacks

This howto shows how you can control your entire house (music, lighting, TV, stereo, DVD player, etc) using a PSP. Unfortunately this thing is based around a really cool piece of machinery, the WACI, pricing starts at $579,- And whilst we’re doing this, we might as well replace our light switches with battery free wireless […]

RFID jammer

Out now

Big Fuggin’ Radio Gun

Not sure how I’d feel if someone pointed one of these at me. It looks marginally less threatening than last year’s Schmoo Sniper Yagi. (Bluetooth + WiFi remote access)

What The Hack

What The Hack finally has information on the webpage. What The Hack is an outdoor hacker conference/event taking place on a large event-campground in the south of The Netherlands from 28 until 31 July 2005. I’m there, you’re there, anyone not there is just t3h suxx0r.

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