new role for proteins: assembling amino acids without DNA and RNA

Results from a study published on Jan. 2 in Science defy textbook science, showing for the first time that the building blocks of a protein, called amino acids, can be assembled without blueprints – DNA and an intermediate template called messenger RNA (mRNA). A team of researchers has observed a case in which another protein Read more about new role for proteins: assembling amino acids without DNA and RNA[…]

Project un1c0rn – a search engine for (heartbleed, Mysql, Mongodb) vulnerable sites

Think of Project Un1c0rn as a Google for site security. Launched on May 15th, the site’s creators say that so far it has indexed 59,000 websites and counting. The goal, according to its founders, is to document open leaks caused by the Heartbleed bug, as well as “access to users’ databases” in Mongo DB and Read more about Project un1c0rn – a search engine for (heartbleed, Mysql, Mongodb) vulnerable sites[…]

New report ranks the happiest countries

This year’s report provides country-level happiness rankings and explains changes in national and regional happiness,” said Report editor John Helliwell. Professor Helliwell worked with other CIFAR researchers to analyze data from the Gallup World Poll. “The report reveals important trends and finds six key factors that explain much about national happiness


Osmocom (Open Source Mobile Communication) is a collection of Free Software / Open Source Software projects in the area of mobile communications.Our member projects implement a variety of public and private communications systems, ranging from GSM/GPRS mobile telephony to TETRA private mobile radio, DECT cordless telephony, GMR satellite telephony and many others.The goal of those implementations is to Read more about Osmocom[…]

Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented by Haptix Touch

Haptix turns ANY surface into a multitouch surface. It’s a sleek bar that you can place flat or clip on something elevated to enable multitouch on any flat surface, such as a table, window, or screen. You can then control any computer by tapping, pinching to zoom, or swiping to scroll on that surface itself. Read more about Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented by Haptix Touch[…]

Flynano – fly without a pilots license

The idea is, if it’s light enough, you don’t need a license. This guy claims to have an aeroplane that can do that: Deliveries start Summer 2011. Ex-factory price € 25.000 – €27.000. A transferable buy option costs € 900. 30% payable on delivery confirmation. The rest before delivery. Transport and storage trailer € 5.300. Read more about Flynano – fly without a pilots license[…]

FlyerTalk – The world’s most popular frequent flyer community

FlyerTalk is an interactive community that provides up-to-date information on travel-related loyalty reward programs. It’s the hub that brings everyone together — from leisure travelers to mileage junkies — to converse about programs, get the latest program buzz or discuss how to maximize points or miles. You’ll even get some good general travel information! via Read more about FlyerTalk – The world’s most popular frequent flyer community[…]

IBM patents patenting

They’ve been awarded a patent on designing, develloping and maintaining a patent portfolio. <sarcasm>No, the patent system isn’t getting out of hand</sarcasm> It seems to be running around naked with its’ underwear on its’ head and staws up its’ nose, flailing arms holding mini lightsabers. Patentkampioen IBM patenteert patenteren | Webwereld.

TI eZ430-Chronos, open source watch

This thing is quite amazing – it features a heart rate meter, x, y, z-axis motion sensitivity, temperture sensor, battery voltage and altitude (based on temperature, not a barometer) and has wifi, USB, connects to stuff and is fully programmable. Best of all, it only costs $49,- This is the press blurb: TI revolutionizes design Read more about TI eZ430-Chronos, open source watch[…]

Illusion Cloak

Yes! Invisibility cloaks (you can find loads about that kind of tech on this blog) are now old hat. The new cloak is the illusion cloak: it makes an object look like another object! This works with metamaterials.