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Sociolotron: Interesting MMO

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Quadruple-Neck monster requires true guitar hero to play it

Why is hemp illegal?

MARIJUANA is DANGEROUS. Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind. Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations. Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the […]

Russia to Build Plant in orbit assembly interplanetary ships

Russia is to built an In-Orbit Assembly Plant of space ships. These should be able to fly to the moon and mars, Interfax reports. The head Anatoly Perminov Roscosmos. According to Perminova Roskosmos propsed the establishment of a manned assembly complex in Earth orbit. The government Security Council on April 11, supported the idea. The […]

US war robots in Iraq ‘turned guns’ on fleshy comrades

Ground-crawling US war robots armed with machine guns, deployed to fight in Iraq last year, reportedly turned on their fleshy masters almost at once. The rebellious machine warriors have been retired from combat pending upgrades. The revelations were made by Kevin Fahey, US Army program executive officer for ground forces, at the recent RoboBusiness conference […]

T-1000 is a phone jammer, not a Terminator

The T-1000 is a cellphone jammer that looks like an old-school cellphone. Much like how the T-1000 from Terminator 2 obliterated the Governator, the T-1000 cellphone jammer will obliterate cellphone signals. The T-1000 can block phone communication within a 3- to 10-foot area of effect. It’ll keep blocking up to 60 minutes per charge and […]

Security Guidance for Lawyers with CIA Clients

Security Guidance for Lawyers with CIA Clients

Arms Dealing Company Was Listed As ‘Minority-Owned’

Arms Dealing Company Was Listed As ‘Minority-Owned’ Questions grow about how a tiny Miami Beach firm became major supplier to Afghan army and police. Efraim Diveroli, seen here on his MySpace page, is an ex-yeshiva student who “knows everything about weaponry,” says his grandfather. Diveroli is the president of AEY Inc., subject of a New […]

Rhodes Car merges Fred Flintstone with Thurston Howell III

For those of us propelling ourselves courtesy of our two feet, the Rhodes Car is the fancy way to get around. This four-wheeled human powered-vehicle is about as luxurious as it gets. You can make it even more versatile with a surry-like roof attachment. It’s built like a bicycle, but since it has four wheels, […]

Microsoft Surface coming to AT&T stores this month

You may recall Surface, the interactive-table thingie that Microsoft showed off last year. Surface is basically a table-size computer with a 30-inch touchscreen as a tabletop. The screen actually does some cool stuff when you put certain things on it, like wirelessly downloading pictures from phones put on top of it or creating virtual coasters […]

UFO Cap keeps you dry, stupid looking

Show your school pride with ion etched hair

We’ve seen some pretty wierd places to print things before, but this one is new to me. A team headed by Dr Ray LaPierre at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, used a focus ion beam microscope to etch the school’s crest into a human hair. Apart from the little matter of needing your own Gallium […]

Boeing: Black’s the new black for black-helicopter projects

US aerospace colossus Boeing has revealed plans for its unmanned whisper-mode stealth helicopter, the A160T, to return to flight following a recent crash. The revolutionary, groundbreaking aircraft (cough) pranged itself during test flights last year, but Boeing believes that the software problems leading to the crash have been rectified. The A160T robot whisper-copter The secret, […]

Nike ONE: legend in car design cranks out pure car porn

Shoe purveyor Nike dipping into the auto industry may sound disastrous, but the Nike ONE is an undeniably sexy single seater. The Nike ONE design team was led by legendary car designer Phil Frank, who designed classics such as the Saleen S7 and the new Mustangs. The Nike ONE was made to coincide with the […]

Toys we wish did more: Star Trek Classic Communicator

The Star Trek Classic Communicator is finally out and, while it’s undeniably awesome, we can’t help but feel it falls a little short of the mark. Here’s what it does do: it’s got 20 sound effects from the TV show including noises and voice clips from the original series, working lights when you flip open […]

Electronic Yodeling Pickle could actually be useful

Let’s get this out of the way early—this is a long, green pickle that happens to yodel. It’s available for $13 and there is no word on how many different Yodels this pickle is capable of belting out. What is important is that the manufacturers, Accoutrements, felt the need to mass produce a product like […]

Gui…. No Its Piano Hero

Cirbin V13R

What do you get when you take a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle, put an extra wheel on the front, install a couple of seats and top it off with a gorgeous fiberglass body? You get a Cirbin V13R, a tricycle that looks a lot like some of those sexy, tiny electric vehicles we’ve been showing you, […]

Bio-mechanic skull sculpture is creepy to say the least

Looking for a fine piece of art to class up your apartment or home? Are you also looking for a way to let all of your guests know that you’re a pretty morbid person and quite proud of that fact? Have I got the sculpture for you. This insane Bio-Mechanical Skull sculpture lets everybody know […]

A real, working underwater convertible

When it comes to vehicles from famous movies, they don’t get too much cooler than James Bond’s Lotus convertible that can also function as a submarine. Unfortunately, the very idea of a convertible submarine is nonsensical, so we’ll probably never see it in real life. Or will we? We will! Check out this Rinspee sQuba! […]

Humanscale Paramount monitor wall — you know you want eight screens

The Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display by Humanscale gives you an easy way to attach anywhere from two to eight screens onto its unfolding monitor arm, no tools required. Everything snaps into place, including the displays. The screens are curved toward you for your comfort, and the rack is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of […]

A half-million dollar watch for the rich and foolish

What makes a watch worth $500,000? In some cases, it’s just because its loaded up with diamonds or other valuable materials. But if there’s no bling on the watch, what can possibly make it worth half a million dollars? Anything? I say no, there is absolutely nothing that can make a watch worth that much. […]

Gas mask suit sends a pretty strong message

If you’re looking to make a good impression at your upcoming job interview or business meeting, you should find a suit that fits you well and stands out. You could just go to Macy’s and get a plain dark suit and have it tailored, or you could go a little more extreme. Might I suggest […]

A wiperless windshield powered by nanotechnology

Now here’s an awesome idea: a windshield that doesn’t need wipers due to a thin nanotech coating that gets rid of water for you. It’s a major element of a new car dubbed the Hidra, designed by Italian designer Leonardo Fioravanti. How will it work? With four layers of treatments on the windshield. The first […]

Han Solo desk makes a statement about your skills as a boss

Choosing a desk for your office is important; it sends a message about what kind of person you are to everybody who enters. If you want that message to say “I’m a gigantic nerd!” then you really can’t do much better than a desk made to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. I guess […]

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