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$20,000 racing simulator is more expensive than a real car

If you’re really, really into driving video games, you know that using a regular controller or a keyboard is for chumps. It’s a driving game, so clearly you need a steering wheel. But while most people are satisfied with just a wheel, some people need more. A lot more. Enter the VirtualGT Racing Simulator. This […]

CES Weird: Gaming vest makes you feel the pain when you get shot

The woman in this photo is freaking out because she’s wearing the 3rd Space FPS vest by TN games. The technology was supposedly developed for doctors to work via the Internet, but it didn’t fly. In a nutshell, it’s a vest that lets you feel the force of getting shot. The vest has an air […]

Mazda Furai concept designed for racers, not Batman

No, this isn’t the new Batmobile from The Dark Knight; it’s a super-slick concept car from Mazda dubbed the Furai. It’s got a “Cougar C65 chassis and a three-rotor rotary engine capable of 450 hp,” which means it’s fast. Really fast. Of course, since it’s a concept, you’ll probably never get to drive one. And […]

Hummer HX is this year’s ‘green’ Hummer concept, for PR purposes only

GM showcased a “green” Hummer run by algae at last year’s Los Angeles Auto show: it was really just a concept by someone with neat Photoshop skills. This year at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, GM introduced a physical version of an “environmentally friendly” Hummer concept car, the HX. The HX has some elements of […]

Space station may launch 5300mph paper airplane

Here’s a sure sign that the International Space Station is a solution looking for a problem: The space platform might be launching a Space Shuttle-shaped paper airplane that will glide back to earth at 5300 miles per hour. The Japan Origami Airplane Association was tapped by researchers at the University of Tokyo to fold up […]

Launch over everything with Anti-Gravity Boots

With a pair of Anti-Gravity Boots worn over your shoes, you’ll feel taller, have more of a spring in your step, and will probably have a higher chance of getting horribly injured just by simply walking around. The Boots utilize a heavy-duty rubber T-spring that you can swap out if anything happens to it, and […]

Bagless Philips vacuum gives Dyson a run for its money

Dyson vacuums may seem like the best of the best for the bagless vacuums, but Philips is ready to jump into the ring with a canister vacuum that is more powerful and cheaper than anything Dyson has to offer. Philips’ Marathon FC9208/01 is a canister vacuum that includes a 2000W motor capable of 350W of […]

Plasma-based propulsion is just one of OSU’s crazy projects for DARPA

The big brains at DARPA are at it again, this time teaming up with Oklahoma State University to develop unmanned aerial vehicles that will be small enough to fit into a soldier’s pocket. The heart of the project is the experimental propulsion system that has no moving parts and utilizes plasma thrusters. The need for […]

Skull speakers will not make you seem dangerous

f your desk is located inside a pirate ship, these “Goth Style Speakers,” shaped like skulls with knives through them, are sure to look just perfect with all of your other decorations. If you live in a normal-looking house or apartment, well, these will look ridiculous. I mean come on, I can understand being super […]

HBO testing Broadband On Demand service

HBO is testing a new Broadband On Demand service on Time Warner Cable in Wisconsin right now, allowing current HBO subscribers to download any of its movies or shows whenever they want. It includes pretty slick features like season passes that start downloading new episodes of selected show 5 minutes after they air. There are […]

Is your yard ready for LawnBott: The Next Generation?

LawnBott has been upgraded. When we covered the previous incarnation of the lawnmower robot, we weren’t sure the concept would fly — but we were wrong and congratulations are in order. KA Home Robotics announced a new model, the LawnBott LB3200, which adds Bluetooth tech to its mowing arsenal, letting you program and control it […]

Day-for-Night solar dress turns on more than just light bulbs

The Day-for-Night solar dress is made up of 448 white circuit boards that can be swapped out for all kinds of goodies — kinda like Batman’s utility belt, but a hell of a lot sexier. The tiles can be solar cells, photocells, RGB LEDs or even jumper connectors, and the whole thing is tied together […]

Lenard Audio, because real men need real speakers, mate

f the Australian Tourist Board wants to dispel the Crocodile Dundee bigger is better, Texas with a funny accent image many of us have of their country, they’d better slap an export ban on Lenard Audio speakers pronto. I also hope the buildings north of Sydney are earthquake proof, because Lenard’s new Opal speakers are […]

Ever fancy a pork chop sorbet? You need a Pacojet

Have you ever been in a snobby restaurant where when it comes to dessert time, the offerings include some highly unlikely frozen concoction like camembert sorbet? If so, chances are the dessert chef got a Pacojet for Christmas. This device is to blenders what a flame thrower is to kitchen matches, taking slicing and dicing […]

Express your contempt for US trade policy by living in a shipping container

We’ve seen shipping containers that have been converted into small living or business spaces before, but now architects are getting serious about this novel solution to the US container glut. The problem is that as a country we buy so much cheap stuff from China, that the shipping containers are piling up near the ports […]

Ann Arbor is first city replacing all streetlights with LEDs

LED lights are far more efficient than standard light bulbs, using a half of the energy and burning five times longer than their rudimentary cousins. It’s a wonder, then, that we don’t see them used more. Ann Arbor, Michigan is the first city in America to replace all its streetlights with fancy, fancy LED lights, […]

The Torch is bright enough to blind you, hot enough to fry an egg

We’ve heard of a white-hot spotlight, but this flashlight is ridiculous. Manufacturer Wicked Lasers calls this monster The Torch, and the 4100-lumen light packs enough punch to literally set the world on fire, starting up a pile of loose paper in a matter of seconds. Jeez, that’s hot stuff. To give you an idea, a […]

Moldable Mouse takes the perfect shape

Great ergonomic strides have been made in the past few years in the field of pointing devices, but this Moldable Mouse design concept by Lite-On takes user-friendliness to its limit. The mouse is made of lightweight modeling clay with a flexible polyurethane and nylon fabric cover that lets you mold it into whatever shape is […]

Mr. Burns webcam is the king of all webcams

Sure, there are way, way, way too many Simpsons licensed products out there, from t-shirts and lunchboxes to grills and toiletries, but this one seems like a cut above the rest. It’s a webcam shaped like Mr. Burns! How could you go wrong with such a product? In addition to looking like Mr. Burns sitting […]

Spy satellite to slam Earthside

A large US spy satellite has lost power and could hit the Earth in late February or March, government officials have said. The satellite, which is now out of control, could contain hazardous materials, and it’s unknown where on our planet it might come down. Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council said, […]

US Navy to test-fire electric hypercannon

The US Navy will astound the world tomorrow by test-firing a radical new weapon system at an unprecedented power level. The new piece of war-tech on trial is that old sci-fi favourite, an electromagnetic railgun. According to the Office of Naval Research, which is in charge of the project, the electric cannon will deliver over […]

Slashdot | SPARQL Graduates to W3C Recommendation

SPARQL is a way to make queries over the semantic web which is usable over many different data sources.

Cost of coitus: Male monkeys pay for sex

And if there are more female monkeys around, you pay less. Yup, money makes the world go round…

For Neo Wannabes: How To Do Matrix-Like Bullet Time Video at Home

For Neo Wannabes: How To Do Matrix-Like Bullet Time Video at Home. Basically it involves attaching a whole load of digital camera’s to a u-shaped board, then rigging the shutters so that they all go off at the same time…

Gold Pill makes your poop glitter for $425

If you’ve got so much money that you’re just looking for new ways to waste it, Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid created the Gold Pill for you. It’s a pill dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf. You’re supposed to eat it “to increase your self-worth.” That would be funny if […]

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