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Skull helmet makes you look badass on your Segway

Tired of looking like a wuss on your Segway? Then put down your bike helmet and put on the Skull Helmet from Santiago Chopper. Owning anything from a place called Santiago Chopper is guaranteed to add +1 to your self esteem, but this brain bucket (that’s cool biker slang for “helmet”) will “scare the crap […]

Underwater hotel opens

Dubai gets all the cool stuff. If it isn’t the world’s tallest hotel, or a building inspired by an iPod, it’s a hotel that is underwater. The Hydropolis Undersea Resort will open its doors this month, offering guests 220 rooms of scenic underwater views. Located in the Arabian Gulf, the hotel sits approximately 60 feet […]

USB Missile Launches gets wireless, camera upgrades

Technology has come quite a long way since the original USB Missile Launcher was unveiled a year ago. It was so popular that biggie Microsoft wanted some USB desktop weapon action and has teamed up with Dream Cheeky for vastly improved missile launchers. The first launcher is attacking the biggest flaw of the missile launching […]

Underwater turbines could power the state of Florida

t’s easy to track the tidal movements of the ocean by looking at waves, but all of that energy is moved around under the surface of the water as well. Florida Atlantic University’s Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology hopes to harness these underwater currents by placing 100-foot-in-diameter 20 kilowatt turbines that are anchored […]

New billboard puts voices in your head

So there you are, walking down the street, when you hear a voice in your head. And instead of the regular voice, the one that tells you that you want a cheeseburger or that you should buy more video games, this one is an unfamiliar one telling you to watch a new TV show. Are […]

Portable PC Theater: where’s the PC?

The Portable PC Theater probably won’t replace your PC, even if you do use it as a media center. It will come in handy, though, if you want a computer that you can tote around and take to show friends whatever hot video is going around the web. Instead of a monitor, it has a […]

Bluetooth helmet makes voices in your head a good thing

Outdoor types who are into extreme sports: listen up. You don’t have to rely on some wired-up coat that controls your MP3 player when there’s a helmet that can do it for you. Hammacher Schlemmer has a winter sports helmet with Bluetooth headphones built in. The transmitter wirelessly connects to an iPod sitting safely and […]

Scramjet-powered planes (and missiles) may be closer than you think

The race to build a working and dependable scramjet is happening all the world over — the United States, China, Australia and who knows who else all want one. DARPA’s HTV-3X, also known as Blackswift, is an unmanned scramjet-powered plane that may take to the skies as soon as 2012, hitting speeds of up to […]

Kanguru USB Duplicator handles 24 drives at once

The Kanguru USB Duplicator allows you to plug in up to 24 thumb drives at once and dictate what information goes onto all of them. An LCD on the unit helps you to know what you’re doing, and you can map hotkeys so that you can copy and format drives with the touch of a […]

Liquor Lock puts a halt to thieving partygoers

Digital Veil obscures beauties and beasts behind a wall of light

The Digital Veil is an art piece by Soomi Park that combines black and white flash animations with a wearable LCD screen. The wearer’s face is visible through the white parts of the animations and obscured by the black areas, so onlookers are presented with a distorted face that’s always shifting. The wearer can randomly […]

A yacht powered by a gigantic kite

Powering your boat via an engine is so last year. The new cool way to propel your new luxury yacht? A big kite, of course. What, you don’t think it’d be enough? You obviously don’t know much about kites, my friend. This Kite Sailing Yacht uses a giant parachute-sized kite on a long tether. By […]

‘Design A’ pen phone won’t leave ink in your ear

I remember when a pen was considered fancy if it had more than one tube of ink in it. Y’know, the kind with all the different click nubs on top so you can write in black or blue or red. Well, that’s not enough for a pen these days. We just got done gawking at […]

The fully-functioning Lego air conditioner

Do you like Legos? Of course you do. Legos are pretty much the ultimate toy, allowing kids to build whatever they want to play with. I grew up with them, and they do nothing but foster creativity and imagination. God bless Legos. That’s why it’s always fun to see grown-ups still hooked on their childhood […]

BD+ cracked

AnyDVD beta from SlySoft has managed to circumvent BD+ protection, showing again that DRM only lasts as long as there is no one interested in breaking it.

ABC News: Danger in the Sky: Underfueled Planes

Apparently airlines are cutting costs by not fully fueling their aircraft so that they have to declare a state of emergency at the area they land. Less fuel = less weight = less operating costs. This also gives them priority to land at the airport, leading to a better increase in savings as there is […]

MIT stackable City Cars reinvent the wheel

Did you know there’s a division at MIT called the Smart Cities group? It’s true, and judging by the designs the team puts out maybe we should just leave city planning to them from here on out. They have a two-seater electric buggy in the works called the City Car that can stack against other […]

Electric Cruiser is a mash-up of a unicycle, Segway, laziness

The Mademoto Electric Cruiser has done the unthinkable and taken all of the beneficial purposes out of rollerskates, skateboards and other manual modes of rolling transportation. Thank of the Electric Cruiser as the front half of an electric moped, a juiced up unicycle or a severely gimped Segway. It is designed to happily drag you […]

Japanese cigarette machine reads faces to determine age

Unlike in the States, cigarette machines are everywhere in Japan. Rather than get rid of them due to the problem of underage kids being able to buy packs of smokes from them like we did here, they’re using technology to keep the machines around and ensure that only adults can make purchases from them. A […]

Golaces convert any lace-up shoe into a slip-on

If you’re still stuck on Velcro and hate the embarrassing skreeep that sounds a lot like “I don’t know how to tie my shoes,” Golaces might be the perfect solution. Golaces are a set of elastic bands you string through the holes on your shoes and look a lot like laces, but without all that […]

Fire engine with a MiG engine not the most practical thing in the world

huh… yeh? t’s very important for fire engines to get to their destinations as fast as possible, but it’s equally, if not more, important for them to be able to, you know, put out the fire using water. That’s where this MiG-engine-equipped fire engine goes wrong. Sure, slapping a jet engine on a fire truck […]

Oakley still testing MP3 sunglasses market with Split Thump revision

Oakley is still at it. Despite only having one customer for their Thump line of MP3 sunglasses — the not-so-favorable Dog the Bounty Hunter — the latest in the line of Thump MP3 sunglasses, the Split Thump is now available. Design-wise, these sunglasses have definite stepped it up a notch from its predecessors by being […]

Whirlpool Glass bathtub makes getting clean showtime

This, my friends, is one sexy bathtub. Appropriately named the Whirlpool Glass bathtub, it sports clear sides that’d give anybody a nice clear shot of your naked self soaking in tepid filthwater. Sexy! But honestly, it is really nice looking. Plus, it has sixteen jets all along the bottom and back that’ll give you a […]

Horological Machine No. 2 is one serious watch

Your watch is an important accessory. It makes a bold statement about you, as much as what you’re wearing does. And if you haven’t yet ditched your watch entirely, relying on your phone’s clock to tell you the time, you might be looking for a new watch to freshen up that tired look of yours. […]

Green Week: Corn starch is the new plastic

Benjamin, I want to say one word to you, just one word. Are you listening? Starch. Hawthorne, CA, based Cereplast is changing the world of plastics, creating a more eco-friendly version made from the starches in corn, tapioca, wheat and potatoes. The “natural” plastic is perfect for the food-service industry, as California now requires all […]

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