Illuminated USB cables

Yup, you can pass current through USB. So… you can light them up!

This goes for $ 22.99 per 6 feet

These Cable to Go ones go for between $ 2.38 – $ 9.59 depending on colour and length (look around a bit for different lengths than 2m

These green, blue and red gold plated connectors aren’t too expensive either.
These go for around $12.99

This pack of 7 port aluminium hub and 5 cables goes for $51.99

There are more possibilities with flashing heads when data is transmitted through them, with different colours at either ends, etc etc…

But you may have realised: the cable itself isn’t illuminated! AFAIK there is only one manufacturer for cables like that:

The Soundtech Lightsnakes

They can be found for around $20,- – $30,-

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