Harry in Afghanistan leaked by Drudge

This is simply incredible to me: The Drudge Report knowingly goes and endanges British troops and a member of the royal family by reporting where he is in Afghanistan. Obviously the UK now has to pull him out before attacks increase in such scale that there is no defending anyone in that area. So not only have the morons at Drudge endangered lives, but also thwarted what little possibilities Harry had at living a normal life, at doing his job the way he is trained and supposed to do.
Every other media outlet, including Reuters, allready knew Harry was there, but had made an agreement to not disclose it untill after his deployment. Given lives are at stake here, that seems reasonable.
Now in the linked article, you have so called reporters calling this disgraceful. Trying to keep a high value target safe is called backroom politics. I have this idea they are confusing their ‘right to know’ with a blatant disregard for humanity. These are the type of reporters who think it’s perfectly acceptable for them to push and stand in front of you and take pictures or notes. Reporters have a right to report what they see – as one of the public. They are not some kind of elite who have a right to be where ever they stick their grimly noses. They get to go where we get to go or where they’re invited. And because they do spread their experiences, with the right to write about what they see comes also the obligation of being responsible with what they write.
This was irresponsible and disgusting.

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