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Ergodex DX1 Input System

A great concept – put your keys anywhere on the board you want them, then program them with single keys or multi key macros. The board (tray) is clear, so you can print out templates if you like.


Sometimes a product comes along that’s so simple you wonder why you’ve never spotted it before. This is one of them. Wide enough for a keyboard and a mouse or a laptop and a mouse: Made of lightweight material, the Lap Buddy’s design dissipates heat from a laptop computer, conforms to anyone’s lap, and our […]

Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard

This seems to be the ulimate in erognomic keyboards for heavy use.

Shocking Tanks

Shocking Tanks is a game where you remote control a tank and try to shoot the other tank(s) using a lasergun mounted on your tank. If you get shot, the controller electric shocks you.

Jumping the Shark

If a TV shows ratings are faltering, they will try to do something spectacular on it in order to push up ratings again. This can be things like replacing characters, killing characters off, moving locations, special guest stars, or whatever. This site discusses shows and allows visitors to vote on whether they think a show […]

Philips 3D CT Scanner

This scanner takes a whole load of x-ray images of the whole body in a very small time using a rotating ring. This makes the images 3D so they can be rotated and viewed on computers. It can capture bone structures as well as organs.

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

This very cool looking BJ will hit speeds of mach 1.6. It can fly without a sonic boom over populated areas at mach 1.1. This will be the world’s first supersonic BJ. Due to it’s handling charecteristics and size, it will also be able to land on just about any concrete airfield.

Olympus creates 360-degree HD camera and projector – Engadget

Olympus creates 360-degree HD camera and projector – Engadget

Stem cell breakthrough

Scientists have managed to create stem cells without extracting them from embryos using a simple lab technique.

When you lose a database

The UK has managed to lose two CDs with lots of very private information on around 15 million of its subjects. These CDs contained the personal information of all people collecting child benefits and were lost as a result of them being sent untracked by courier. They never arrived at their destination and were sent […]


In a reversal of the usual order of things, the porn industry is learning from corporate america with

How to Turn Your Browser Into a Weapon – Desktop Security Blog – Dark Reading

Some lovely Firefox extensions, including cookie interceptors, site spidering, user agent switching and more

European Battle Groups Evaluated

The EU has had it’s own battlegroups since 2003. These are battalion sized (500/600 people) ground forces allowing the EU to project it’s power without outside help and reinforce its position as an international actor. Allthough this is a great step forward for EU independent operations, the battlegroups are far from perfect. This report was […]


A very visual blog that allows you to put up an image in a polariod frame and comment the image. More interesting than it sounds.

who killed bambi?

who killed bambi? is a weblog of art images (so clothing, photography etc, all of a disturbing nature. Very disturbing. # The mission A dangerous criminal gang is riding the net. They act in the dark, exploring the most sinister places, in search for the bloody heart of talent and creativity. Their favourite victims are […]

A yacht powered by a gigantic kite

Powering your boat via an engine is so last year. The new cool way to propel your new luxury yacht? A big kite, of course. What, you don’t think it’d be enough? You obviously don’t know much about kites, my friend. This Kite Sailing Yacht uses a giant parachute-sized kite on a long tether. By […]

The Junk on New Build PCs

If you buy a PC nowadays, it’ll come loaded with loads of crap you may or may not want: trial versions of software with nag screens after a period of time, the system builder’s own software, stuff that shows you ads, google desktop and toolbar etc etc etc. PC World has a good article on […]

‘Design A’ pen phone won’t leave ink in your ear

I remember when a pen was considered fancy if it had more than one tube of ink in it. Y’know, the kind with all the different click nubs on top so you can write in black or blue or red. Well, that’s not enough for a pen these days. We just got done gawking at […]

The fully-functioning Lego air conditioner

Do you like Legos? Of course you do. Legos are pretty much the ultimate toy, allowing kids to build whatever they want to play with. I grew up with them, and they do nothing but foster creativity and imagination. God bless Legos. That’s why it’s always fun to see grown-ups still hooked on their childhood […]


It looks like ASUS is onto a winner here: it has all the hype on its side, it has weight and formfactor on its side and most of all it has price on its side. Running from around $300 – $ 400 this is a very cheap laptop with a 7″ screen and a Linux […]

BD+ cracked

AnyDVD beta from SlySoft has managed to circumvent BD+ protection, showing again that DRM only lasts as long as there is no one interested in breaking it.

Fla. Company Forbidding Smoking In Private Lives – Spotlight News Story – WKMG Orlando

Apparently it’s legal in the US to discriminate against smokers. So Florida’s largest employer has decided to not hire smokers and mentions them in the same sentence as drug users in their policy. Now Florida is fairly anti-smoking, but this is pushing the line way beyond what people are willing to accept.

ABC News: Danger in the Sky: Underfueled Planes

Apparently airlines are cutting costs by not fully fueling their aircraft so that they have to declare a state of emergency at the area they land. Less fuel = less weight = less operating costs. This also gives them priority to land at the airport, leading to a better increase in savings as there is […]

Dutch Internet is run by Brein

Stichting Brein has the power to have websites taken down at will and without any need for reasoning. Leaseweb is contending this.

True Knowledge search engine

This Cambridge based search engine doesn’t simply index websites, it links to databases and allows users to correct knowledge in the system in a wiki type style. This means it can intelligently answer questions instead of just looking at the relationships of words in the query related to websites it has indexed. Not only does […]

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