Sometimes a product comes along that’s so simple you wonder why you’ve never spotted it before. This is one of them. Wide enough for a keyboard and a mouse or a laptop and a mouse: Made of lightweight material, the Lap Buddy’s design dissipates heat from a laptop computer, conforms to anyone’s lap, and our Read more about LapBuddy[…]

Philips 3D CT Scanner

This scanner takes a whole load of x-ray images of the whole body in a very small time using a rotating ring. This makes the images 3D so they can be rotated and viewed on computers. It can capture bone structures as well as organs.

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

This very cool looking BJ will hit speeds of mach 1.6. It can fly without a sonic boom over populated areas at mach 1.1. This will be the world’s first supersonic BJ. Due to it’s handling charecteristics and size, it will also be able to land on just about any concrete airfield.

European Battle Groups Evaluated

The EU has had it’s own battlegroups since 2003. These are battalion sized (500/600 people) ground forces allowing the EU to project it’s power without outside help and reinforce its position as an international actor. Allthough this is a great step forward for EU independent operations, the battlegroups are far from perfect. This report was Read more about European Battle Groups Evaluated[…]