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Illuminated USB cables

Yup, you can pass current through USB. So… you can light them up! This goes for $ 22.99 per 6 feet These Cable to Go ones go for between $ 2.38 – $ 9.59 depending on colour and length (look around a bit for different lengths than 2m These green, blue and red gold plated […]

Harry in Afghanistan leaked by Drudge

This is simply incredible to me: The Drudge Report knowingly goes and endanges British troops and a member of the royal family by reporting where he is in Afghanistan. Obviously the UK now has to pull him out before attacks increase in such scale that there is no defending anyone in that area. So not […]

Scientists discover how cigarette smoke causes cancer

spoiler: it’s the hydrogen peroxide

Paper clip attack skewers Chip and PIN | The Register

A simple and cheap method to hack into pin machines and gather the information you need to clone a card and have the PIN number. This works because there is no encyption of the data on the line you can tap.

Bio-mechanic skull sculpture is creepy to say the least

Looking for a fine piece of art to class up your apartment or home? Are you also looking for a way to let all of your guests know that you’re a pretty morbid person and quite proud of that fact? Have I got the sculpture for you. This insane Bio-Mechanical Skull sculpture lets everybody know […]

A real, working underwater convertible

When it comes to vehicles from famous movies, they don’t get too much cooler than James Bond’s Lotus convertible that can also function as a submarine. Unfortunately, the very idea of a convertible submarine is nonsensical, so we’ll probably never see it in real life. Or will we? We will! Check out this Rinspee sQuba! […]

Humanscale Paramount monitor wall — you know you want eight screens

The Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display by Humanscale gives you an easy way to attach anywhere from two to eight screens onto its unfolding monitor arm, no tools required. Everything snaps into place, including the displays. The screens are curved toward you for your comfort, and the rack is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of […]

A half-million dollar watch for the rich and foolish

What makes a watch worth $500,000? In some cases, it’s just because its loaded up with diamonds or other valuable materials. But if there’s no bling on the watch, what can possibly make it worth half a million dollars? Anything? I say no, there is absolutely nothing that can make a watch worth that much. […]

Gas mask suit sends a pretty strong message

If you’re looking to make a good impression at your upcoming job interview or business meeting, you should find a suit that fits you well and stands out. You could just go to Macy’s and get a plain dark suit and have it tailored, or you could go a little more extreme. Might I suggest […]


Just like some people can fix computers just by being near them, there are also people – SLIders – who can destroy them just by being near them. SLI stands for Street Light Interference, as they tend to turn off street lights as they pass by. I first found out in the followin article, an […]

A wiperless windshield powered by nanotechnology

Now here’s an awesome idea: a windshield that doesn’t need wipers due to a thin nanotech coating that gets rid of water for you. It’s a major element of a new car dubbed the Hidra, designed by Italian designer Leonardo Fioravanti. How will it work? With four layers of treatments on the windshield. The first […]

Han Solo desk makes a statement about your skills as a boss

Choosing a desk for your office is important; it sends a message about what kind of person you are to everybody who enters. If you want that message to say “I’m a gigantic nerd!” then you really can’t do much better than a desk made to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. I guess […]


Wikileaks is currently in the news because and idiot US judge ordered the domainname down, following the publication of leaked documents on there. Of course this hasn’t stopped wikileaks, as it’s also available on their IP adress, as well as under .be (which is what this is linked to). Anyway, leaked documents can be […]

DIY IR headgear repels security cameras

This lightweight piece of kit you can make yourself encases your head in a mysterious glow on security camera’s. Engadget makes the point that you’re going to have to explain yourself a lot to security guards, but hey – it’s your right to wear what you like and be private when you like!

Cyclogyro Prop Aircraft

Cyclogyro’s fly by rotating wings as though they were the paddles on an ancient steamers. The idea is old, but no prototype has ever flown, untill now. Very bizarre.

New technology turns your body into a swipe card

NTT is launching a card which when you’re wearing it makes you communicate data by touching stuff. It uses technology to turn the surface of the human body itself into a means of data transmission. As data travels through the user’s clothing, handbag or shoes, anyone carrying a special card can unlock the door simply […]

More Brain Controllers II

Back in May 2007 I had a look at brain controllers, one of which was promising to launch in October 2007. They are now accepting developers to use and program for their unit, but still not on the commercial market. This is about the Epoc from Emotiv Systems though. The picture of the brain controller […]

Anything China can do…

In a copy cat of the Chinese around a year ago, the US Navy has managed to shoot down a satellite at 130 miles altitude using a kinetic kill vehicle (ie a rocket with no explosive), hitting it in the fuel tank. Of course China has not only proven that they can shoot them down, […]


This package has been getting a load of hype mainly for 2 reasons: 1) dvdjon made it (the inventor of decss) and 2) it rips itunes songs and lets you put it on other devices because the doubletwist desktop basically exchanges files between devices so that you don’t have to worry about the codecs, bitrates, […]

Combat pilots may get Viagra

They allready give them speed, but now Viagra? The active ingredient in the drugs was found to make climbers perform better in an environment with less oxygen, which causes fatigue and dizziness.


Get the unix gnu bash tools in your windows – no cygwin layer, just the tools. |Awesomeness!

OpenID – might actually happen

OpenID is the open source single sign on system for websites: ie. sites using OpenID will all allow you to log in using one username / password combination. It’s something the Porn industry has been chasing for years, but is very very difficult indeed to achieve due to payment / trust issues – who gets […]

‘unhealthy’ habits cost less

This is the second time I’ve seen one of these calculations, and they’ve always made sense to me: according to the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and Environment, which found that while “a person of normal weight costs on average £210,000 over their lifetime”, a smoker clocks up just £165,000 and the obese run […]

FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics

Not just fingerprint data from the guilty, not just DNA from anyone entering the USA (I guess they’re guilty of that), but now more biometrics for more people! Irises, face shapes, scars, whatever the FB can think up they’ll be storing. And everybody will be in it. And everyone (well, OK, not everyone, but huge […]

Visual Satellite Observer’s Home Page

These guys are a bit like train spotters. Except they spot satellites. And calculate their trajectory. And find out what they are. And there is no such thing as a spy train.

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