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Biometric Centralised Databases?

Ouch – that must hurt when you’re the German minister of the interior and as you’re pusing biometrics left, right and centre, the CCC publishes not only your fingerprint, but your fingerprint on a transparent plastic film so that people can easily pretend to be you! That means at the very least changing the fingerprint […]

App released for memory retainer exploits

IntelGuardians IntelGaurdians has released DaisyDukes, an app you can put on your USB device and remove passwords stored in the memory of locked windows or linux machines. It was only a matter of time. Link goes to the register, not the app.

AnyDVD will copy all Blu-Rays

The new version also copies the BD protection.

Do Not Reply

Someone has registered and has a catchall email adress. The mails he receives come from everywhere, including pdf files detailing with computers in banks are unpatched and for what vulnerabilities; from the government; TSA; etc etc. He posts a few of them and some excerpts on the website.

RFID credit cards easily hacked with $8 reader

The RFID hacks keep coming fast and furious — hot the heels of that Mifare / Oyster Card exploit, the crew at BoingBoing TV has posted up a little demo of how easy cracking the RFID encryption on an American Express card can be. All it takes is an $8 dollar reader easily available on […]

Google Hacking Database

Dorks are people who do things stupidly enough that they end up putting valuable information on the internets in such a way that google finds and indexes them. The Google Hacking Database has a whole list of dorks you can search google for. The Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC) has been around for ages […]

Are Kids Copying Their Parents When They Lie?

this article goes into great depth on the studies about what makes a child (from pre-schooler to teen) lie, what they lie about and how often they do this. The numbers are quite surprising! Are Kids Copying Their Parents When They Lie? — New York Magazine

Welcome to BTC

The Cheetah gaming keyboard is one in a series of powerful gaming devices for serious gamer. Cheetah provides programmable Game-Keys. So hardcore users can easily control macros. The Cheetah Game Wheel has 17 convenient keys. The 17 keys are fully programmable allowing customized PC Game playing. Included software allows for programming the keys and setting […]

Europe is world’s largest economy!

The U.S. economy lost the title of “world’s biggest” to the euro zone this week as the value of the dollar slumped in currency markets. … Taking official estimates of 2007 GDP — $13,843,800 billion for the United States and 8,847,889.1 billion euros for the euro zone — the economy of the latter passed the […]

Nike ONE: legend in car design cranks out pure car porn

Shoe purveyor Nike dipping into the auto industry may sound disastrous, but the Nike ONE is an undeniably sexy single seater. The Nike ONE design team was led by legendary car designer Phil Frank, who designed classics such as the Saleen S7 and the new Mustangs. The Nike ONE was made to coincide with the […]

Toys we wish did more: Star Trek Classic Communicator

The Star Trek Classic Communicator is finally out and, while it’s undeniably awesome, we can’t help but feel it falls a little short of the mark. Here’s what it does do: it’s got 20 sound effects from the TV show including noises and voice clips from the original series, working lights when you flip open […]

Electronic Yodeling Pickle could actually be useful

Let’s get this out of the way early—this is a long, green pickle that happens to yodel. It’s available for $13 and there is no word on how many different Yodels this pickle is capable of belting out. What is important is that the manufacturers, Accoutrements, felt the need to mass produce a product like […]

Gui…. No Its Piano Hero

Cirbin V13R

What do you get when you take a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle, put an extra wheel on the front, install a couple of seats and top it off with a gorgeous fiberglass body? You get a Cirbin V13R, a tricycle that looks a lot like some of those sexy, tiny electric vehicles we’ve been showing you, […]


Harmony is framework for defining, updating, and synchronizing views over strings, trees, and relations. It can be used, for example, to synchronize the bookmark files of several different web browsers, to convert address books represented in vCard to CSV, and to map between BiBTeX and RIS-formatted bibliographic databases. Harmony Project home page

Google opens Youtube

The YouTube APIs and Tools open up a full range of YouTube functionality for web pages, software and devices. Users of the API can upload new videos, edit video metadata such as comments and favorites and modify user settings. Your client application can request a list of videos that match specific search criteria, get access […]

Brain Controllers III

And after a glut of information, suddenly everyone and their dog is launching them. First EPOC end of feb, now OCZ technology is launching their thought mouse. They will be pricing at around $150,- in the US. Here’s the press release Via TG Daily

Bionic Eye Prototype

The Boston Retinal Implant Project recently developed a bionic eye implant that will restore vision to those affected by degenerative blindness. The device works by being implanted into the back of the eyeball and working as a light transmitter to the brain, where the two are connected by a nerve/wire thinner than a human hair. […]

British soldier awarded the Military Cross for fighting off 150 Taliban – Times Online

Fusilier Damien Hields used his grenade machinegun to destroy seven Taliban positions before his ambushers realised he was their main threat. After peppering his vehicle with bullets, they hit the 24-year-old soldier. He had to be dragged off for treatment by his driver after he tried to continue fighting. “Fusilier Hields showed extraordinary courage under […]

Big Cat Protection

Protecting Big Cats is one hell of a thing. Each cat eats around 230 lbs of meat per day, making them very expensive to support. Me, I love tigers, lions, cheetah’s, panthers etc etc. and am glad that some of these cats are saved from underestimating pet owners, hunters and circus breeder wannabe’s and given […]

Playmobil Security Check Point

This must be one of the worst ideas ever. But the comments are the funniest thing I’ve read on the interwebs so far… My family was planning a vacation to Europe, so I purchased this item to teach my twins about what to expect at the airport and hopefully, alleviate some of their anxiety. We […]

Europe launches its first re-supply ship to the ISS

ESA PR 15-2008. Jules Verne, the first of the European Space Agency%u2019s Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV), a new series of autonomous spaceships designed to re-supply and re-boost the International Space Station (ISS), was successfully launched into low Earth orbit by an Ariane 5 vehicle this morning. It’s around 3 times as large as the US […]


Edit the properties of any MSI. Change the title, and text within the installer. Look at how and where the files are delivered. Enables you to right click any MSI and open with Orca. Download: ORCA MSI Editor | Technipages

MindwireV5 Shocking Game Accessory: Rumble is for the Weak

MindwireV5 Shocking Game Accessory: Rumble is for the Weak mindwirev5.jpgYou know what would make gaming even more fun? Pain. Or at least that is what the folks at Mindwire would like you to think. Their new MindwireV5 unit helps you get into the action with sensations ranging from a “crashing car to the blast of […]

Retromodo: Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano Could Probably Travel Through Time and Space

Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano Could Probably Travel Through Time and Space pegasus.jpgLooking like it belongs in Jeff Vader’s Coruscant bachelor pad, the hand-made Schimmel Pegasus has an ergonomically curved keyboard, over 200 strings under a total tension of 176,520 newtons, and a key assembly composed of 10,000 pieces. Only 14 were made ten years ago […]

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