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Digital Camera Controls

A huge list of softwares to make you digital camera do stuff you might not immediately think it could…

Howto Walk

We’re supposed to walk on our feet, but we wear shoes for protection and fashion. This has a drastic impact on the amount of injuries we get as a result of walking the wrong way. This souds a bit wierd, but there’s an excellent article in NY Magazine which had me reading it the whole […]

California uses DNA database to find relatives of criminals

Central databases are great for ALL kinds of things! Not scared yet?

A huge collection of free e-books and magazines

Wanna be Pro Guitar Hero Uber Specialist?

Guitar Hero TIP Guide

L3DGEWorld 2.3

This uses the OpenArena engine (used for Quake) to monitor servers in a 3D environment. When you shoot a server it gives you information about it.

Insects use plant like a telephone

Dutch ecologist Roxina Soler and her colleagues have discovered that subterranean and aboveground herbivorous insects can communicate with each other by using plants as telephones. Subterranean insects issue chemical warning signals via the leaves of the plant. This way, aboveground insects are alerted that the plant is already %u2018occupied%u2019. Insects use plant like a telephone

Garfield sans Garfield

What happens if you take Garfield out of his comic? You’re left with a manic depressive, neurotic Jon, that’s what. Surprisingly the result is readable and funny and even the Davis (the original artist) agrees with the art of this.

Some Classified DoD Documents are Too Secret to Protect

The Department of Defense (DOD) relies on a global network of critical physical and cyber infrastructure to project, support, and sustain its forces and operations worldwide. The incapacitation, exploitation, or destruction of one or more of its assets would seriously damage DOD’s ability to carry out its core missions. To identify and help assure the […]

Quadruple-Neck monster requires true guitar hero to play it

Confirm your geeky marriage with CAT5 connector wedding bands

OMG….. Official URL Link

Delta to install revolutionary Cozy Suite seats in economy class, tourists rejoice

Wedging yourself into an economy-class airplane seat is one of the atrocities of our age, but there’s help on the way. The Cozy Suite is a revolution in airline seating, giving you more room to yourself while giving the airlines the opportunity to pack even more sardines into their pressurized tin cans. Sure, it’s not […]

Judge issues arrest warrant for Darth Vader

A judge has demanded a Darth Vader impersonator be dragged before him after he succumbed to the Dark Side, attacked two Jedi with a metal crutch, and failed to show up for the resulting court appearance on an assault rap. According to the Telegraph, Arwel Wynne Jones interrupted an outdoors TV interview* with brothers Barney […]

Seagate ships 1 billionth drive

The ST506 hard drive Seagate is celebrating the shipment of its one billionth disk drive after 29 years in biz. The storage giant reckons it will reach its second billion in less than five-years’ time. Seagate said it’s shipped the equivalent of 79 million terabytes of storage since the company made its first hard drive […]


There are a couple of sites out there which give you a good look at the global spam trending. Most of the links in here I found in the following site: Spam Links – spam stats Messagelabs has a weekly overview of virusses, spam and phishing Commtouch Spam lab has a nice graph with 30 […]

GPS Tracker Defense

Put this into your lighter port and all GPS transmissions within 5m will be blocked by preventing any GPS devices from getting a satellite fix.

USB Data modems

If you want a GPRS / HSPDA / EDGE / GPRS / GSM connection, most mobile providers will sell you a data plan and a PCMCIA card to put your SIM card in and attach your laptop to teh internets. Unfortunately there aren’t that many PCMCIA to USB convertors, nor tabletop PC motherboards with PCMCIA […]

Addonics Snap-In ExDrive25

Old 2.5-Inch Drives can be given a second chance with this. If your old laptop is busted, this is a great $30,- way to get your old data back.

Top Gun 2008: Biggest RC Airplane Competition in the World

These modellers are a bit crazy, but the model aircraft are really nicely built. They have jet engines and some of the aircraft have cameras installed as well. The link has a huge gallery of these beautiful hand made replicas as well as a movie

The Military Plans To Regrow Body Parts

Robotic parts aren’t good enough and… “The general cited animals like salamanders that can regrow lost tails or limbs. ‘Why can’t a mammal do the same thing?’ he asked.” Good point. I’m all for having my stem cell cloned leg back after it got blown away instead of having a cheap piece of plastic or […]

Microsoft OKs ethical hacking

Microsoft has announced that it won’t be prosecuting hackers who hack their legally owned software on their own hardware. As soon as they hack illegal copies or on other people’s hardware, they’re in trouble. They are trying to get hackers to come forward with problems with their products before the hacks are leaked into the […]

GUI Command Codes to improve WoW graphics

This is copy/paist of: just thougt some ppl might wana try this. Gfx enhancement macro: WoW will look better Some players found a way to improve WoW graphics by manipulating several console commands. The following macro will do the job: /console farclip 777 /console horizonfarclip 6226 /console groundeffectdensity 256 /console groundeffectdist 140 /console smallcull […]

Flying Car – not by Moller

Strange one this. A man had built his own flying car, described as “a go-kart with a propeller attached” and crashed it into some powerlines. The future is now!

It’s good to be king

Prince William knows how to be King – flying his RAF Chinook to stag parties and his RAF Hawk fighter jet to get a change of clothes. Hell yeah! If I was a royal I’d be doing it too – props and respect mate!

Automatic Projector Calibration

It’s early days in the project but it’s showing good promise

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