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Naval Action

Sail ships. Sink other ships. Multiplayer. Yes. Naval Action.

Flagship – command your fleet from the bridge

Flagship is a real-time strategy game set on a galactic scale, played from a first person perspective. Command your fleet from the bridge of your ship, explore the stars and expand your territory. via Welcome to

20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds

Looks like Sid Meiers Pirates – in the sky! 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds.

Science Has Finally Figured Out How to Win Rock-Paper-Scissors

“if a player wins over her opponent in one play, her probability of repeating the same action in the next play is considerably higher than her probabilities of shifting actions.” On the other hand, if a player loses two or more times in a row, he or she will not play the same sign, but […]

iMpulse – World’s Smallest bluetooth Gaming & Media Controller

for IOS and Android ThinkGeek :: iMpulse – World's Smallest Gaming & Media Controller.

Rocksmith | Learn Guitar and Bass

Plug your guitar into your pc and learn how to play!

Learn To Type With Phrases Like ‘Hot Tits’ And ‘Rectal Poetry’ whilst killing zombies

Typing of the Dead: Overkill is the original game. In Filth of the Dead they’ve added an urban dictionary, with loads of rude words in it 🙂 Learn To Type With Phrases Like 'Hot Tits' And 'Rectal Poetry'.

Ghetto shield: Play PC Games on Your Android Phone with This DIY NVIDIA Shield Clone

Using EMS to create haptic feedback

Zapping your forearm using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) makes your muscle contract, meaning you have to use another muscle to counteract it, resulting in a force feedback feeling. Because the system uses just 2 wires, it can easily be miniturised and fitted to smartphones for haptic gaming. Muscle-zapper forces gamers' own hands against them – […]

Polymorphous Perversity

Very worth reading are the a few reviews bottom right column under: “They have spoken” from big name game blogs. They all treat it very intellectually. The history of what the game is and how it was built are very interesting also. Very bizarre. You can download it for free The other games the author […]

Chris Roberts: Star Citizen / Squadron 42

Chris Roberts is coming out with a whole universe – EVE Online, but FPS / in cockpit. It’s called Star Citizen. There’s a game within a game: Squadron 42. That’s where you enroll in the military and fly around in space. Awesome gameplay videos in the links. Here’s an Extended Cut of That Dazzling Squadron […]

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

This remake of a fantastic game is FINALLY coming out! Carrier Command: Gaea Mission | Official Website.

Planetary Annihilation RTS is Actually Getting Made

This game looks like it should be the future of RTS. AND it will run on Linux! Kickstarter project page That Insane, World-Spanning RTS is Actually Getting Made. Yes..

Starship Corporation

This game will allow you to design, build and test starships either for contracts or for yourself. He’s a small indy publisher who’s come quite a way, but it looks fantastic and needs just a little more… donate! Starship Corporation.

Zombies, Run!

Whilst you’re running you collect powerups and evade zombies whilst you’re on a mission. You’re put through the game narrative through your headphones. Zombies, Run! Will Force You To Care About Exercise.

2D Turn Based Shadowrun Game

The creators are looking for funding! The Shadowrun Video Game You've Always Wanted.

FreeTrack optical head tracking software

It’s like trackir but then for free, to use with your webcam. Welcome to the FreeTrack website – FreeTrack optical head tracking software.

Hardware hacker rigs up VR for Skyrim

Hardware hacker rigs up VR for Skyrim • reghardware.

Wing Commander Saga – 22 may 2012

Wow! A fan built huge version of Wing Commander is coming out very very soon. Looks awesome, it’s built on the Freespace 2 engine, so it should run on almost all computers. This will be a time sink! Gnome's Lair: Wing Commander Saga – Preview & Interview.

GTA IV Icenhancer GFX mod

The Icenhancer 2.0 updates the graphics of GTA IV so that it looks like it was programmed in 2012. Beautiful! icewebsite.

SOL: Exodus space shooter

To be released tomorrow! SOL: Exodus – A space shooter from Seamless Entertainment.

Rocksmith – play guitar hero with a real guitar

Learn how to play a guitar by gaming. Plug in an electric guitar. Rocksmith | Ubisoft | Home.

MechWarrior Online

Coming next year, it will be PC only and free to play. MechWarrior Online | Game.

Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox is an interactive space simulator for Windows based PCs. Unlike most astronomy software that just shows you what the sky looks like or where the planets are, Universe Sandbox is a powerful gravity simulator. You can add another star to our solar system and watch it rip the planets from their orbits. The […]

From Dust PC is a disaster

  For staters, gamers discovered that the PC version of title (avaiable on Steam and Gamersgate) actually requires players to stay connected to the internet at all times to play, despite being informed by Ubisoft in writing that From Dust’s DRM would only require players to be online at time of activation.  That didn’t prove […]

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